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  1. The manual fare report had my head hurting today LOL
  2. Second week of training and let me tell yall its no joke!!! Soooooo much to learn.
  3. So how do you like the job?

    1. loulou


      It's great, I really like it. Good pay and amazing benefits. Being extra you get to work different stations.  The good thing about this is that when it comes time for your pick you will already have a feel of which stations you like or don't like. Busy stations can be stressful when your first starting out. Working those I consider our initiation lol. With a non-stop flow of customers you will learn discipline and how keep your money in order. Your not always stuck in a booth. At times you will be doing customer service jobs, basically outside of the booth wearing your transit safety vest answering questions and giving directions. 

  4. Oh really? I wish they would have given me that option lol
  5. They give u more papers to fill out. Afterwards you get "interviewed". They go over all your paper work and make sure there are no gaps. You sign a paper getting sworn in. They tell you start date and ask if you will be able to start on that date. After that you take picture for your pass then you get fingerprinted. Make sure you have an $87 money order for fingerprint fees. Then you are all done.
  6. It's official now! Final processing done! I start class December 11th😁😁😁
  7. I received my conditional offer today!!!! I report on Monday for final processing. Im so damn excited!!
  8. Yea I'm feeling like next week lol. But Im on the dam edge right now😥😥😥
  9. Day #2 no email 😥😥😥😥😥😥 lol
  10. I was there until 2pm yesterday. Heyyyy maybe we will be in same class woot woot. Im going to be checking my email like a mad woman lol. I dont know if there isnt a medical but i did hear that there is no actual interview for final processing. They just stamp your papers or something like that
  11. I initially received my pre employment letter in sept. I had to report 9/21 as I was going through process they asked who had pending parking tickets and I raised my hand. Because of it i couldnt continue with process until i took care of tickets. I have finally done so and was told to come in on 10/30 to continue where i left off. They are filling dec class. I have no doubt i will be in that class
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