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  1. Points dont matter because you dont need a driver license to qualify for track worker And medical is just regular Nothing but regular stuff
  2. Man u said a lot and u made some good points And u right I didnt think they would get as far as they got it was a lot of us that got a 100 on the test and even more that got 97.5 But i hope it keeps going
  3. Thx 4 the update Hope it's not true But if u go back in this thread u will c that statement from a level 2 Over and over again I was n the nov 2017 class and the school teacher then said our class could b the last We just had a pick and after everybody picked There were still a lot of open spots I mean a lot there not enough track man to fill all them open spots
  4. Man yall stop picking on Utica I was there 8 months I was fine I don't know y everybody says Utica is bad All they ask for is u to work If u don't want to work well then u will have a problem At urica
  5. I heard the same thing A guy I know say he heard the same thing That they were gonna start a class n August Hope so and good luck to everybody that's waiting
  6. Well the pick will b over in a few days So I hope they start hiring again soon I'm satisfied with my pick Didn't get the exact pick that I wanted But i got my second choice so it's been a pretty good week Good luck guys I'll c u on the tracks
  7. Yeah u right about the fines I was talking about his past offenses Unpaid fines and tickets r current offenses. They have to be paid When I went to processing I had two speeding tickets that I was going to court for they made me pay them. And I had already gave a lawyer $900 to defend me they didn't want to hear that Lucky for me I left processing to pay them on Monday came back on Tuesday and got processed ( THEY WANT RECEIPTS NOT ONLINE PAYMENT RECEIPTS THE RECEIPTS THEY GIVE YOU WHEN YOU PAY IN PERSON) lucky for me I didn't get held up 30 days later I went to medical and got hired Good luck
  8. Man two accidents and a red light conviction Bro it's guys at my quarters with 8 and nine felonies on there record and they got hired u just have to tell them the truth about ur stuff and they will hire u One guy just got out of prison in Feb 2017 and he got hired this past November And points don't matter if u not driving
  9. Yeah looking at the list my number went down about three hundred so alot of guys have been promoted
  10. The guys that came to our quarters two weeks ago are not even on the list so I think they have at lease two classes aren't even on that list And someone posted yesterday that the pic was out Did u mean the pic was out or that the new senroity list was out because all I saw was the sinority list
  11. I think the big pick is still in late June from what I've heard that early June pick is a supervisors pick Q
  12. no worries buddy u will find parking at the school if u get there earlier enough u will n front of the school but if not there will be other parking that's free
  13. U r appointed now to transit Everyday u r gonna get paid regular pay for at lease 8 hours everyday of school orentation training or whatever u do that day is gonna consist of 8 hours pay if u have to stay longer u will be paid overtime but planning on everyday being at lease 8 hours. There r no short days Good luck and welcone to track
  14. I been at Utica for 4 months now it's cool I mean if anybody coming to track and don't want to work it won't matter where they go.
  15. Look man anit nothing wrong at utica lol
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