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  1. Hi Did anyone get a response after filing an appeal?
  2. Hi haven’t been in the forum in a while, did the list get published yet? If so does anyone have the link? Thanks
  3. I guess I will find out in due time.
  4. I on med hold right now, I will get a letter on Next week saying that I am ok to continue. Don't know if I will be in by that time.
  5. So the July class will the last one for 2018?
  6. Hi, did any one receive a response after filing an appeal?
  7. Ok, so quick question. I lost the paper that the MTA sent saying that I was disqualified. What form do I need to complete? Did you send it a copy of the license to 180 Livingston?
  8. Did anyone complete the appeal form for the driver license/ permit requirement?
  9. I wonder what list number they are up to ?
  10. I wonder what number they are up to?
  11. Any one else received an email to go in for medical? I'm in the 469- 480 range on the list.
  12. Yeah, looks like it. I am one of those person, I had my permit before the application filing deadline but not license. Don't know if I stand a chance of appealing using the permit?
  13. Patience is not even the word to use anymore. lol
  14. Hey Congrats! What was you list number if you don't mind me asking? Trying to figure out what numbers they are up to.
  15. Nada here, still awaiting that magical e-mail.
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