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  1. Wasn't hired just yet,did the practical on the 22nd,drug test on the 29th and now I'm waiting just like everybody.
  2. I did the practical 11/22/17.i have to go back on the 29th possibly for drug testing etc.the guy said to walk with a snack since it may take all day.

    1. tprashad0719


      that was so quick, did you take the written portion for this exam, or what it just practical?

    2. Scar1105


      It was just the practical,I'm going tomorrow maybe for drug test etc.

  3. Went to an interview/practical test this morning,did excellent and was handed some paper work to fill out and bring for an appointment next Wednesday.the guy said to walk with a snack since it may be an all day process.they said ci class are in January and they looking to hire about 350 ppl.hopefully everything goes smooth.
  4. Hey guys I got called for an interview in 10 days for provisional CI.can anybody shed some light on the process and what's the estimated wait time after.

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