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  1. The time and location thing is random I can’t say just expect the worst and if it doesn’t happen you happy
  2. You can take the open competitive that’s coming out..... and once in the mta system you can take the promo ..... it says you need to be off probation..... but by the time they give the test and grade the test .... you should be off of probation
  3. I recommend you take the job ...... Bc you will be coming in as permanent status. The over time is there..... most of the people in my class took a pay cut and we are doing just fine. And remember top pay for an helper is 30 an hour after 6 years which by the time you hit 6 years it will be higher. Their is also room to move up in the company. Which would be an maintainer. Whose starting salary is 31 and obviously goes up.... the decision is yours
  4. Thanks for the heads up jake ... I guess I need to put in my 2 weeks then
  5. Hey Jake ...... Quick question for orientation what time did it end ...... I trying to gauge weather or not I can work my normal job and mta for like an month Also my school says 8 am but doesn't have an end time .. Was your the same and then it changed to 7-3 or was it always 7-3
  6. Hey guys .... I just received my email to come in on 11-20 for final processing..... Start date should be December 4 as long as everything goes well on Monday.
  7. Congrats moussaberte ......also how did final processing go...... Hey Jake thanks for the heads up on the process with the school. Is school Monday to Friday 8-4 in Manhattan or it changes weekly/ daily
  8. Hey moussaberte.... Did you ever receive that email...... Bc I'm still waiting patiently... For any type of notification
  9. Congrats and thanks for the heads up ...... I am going to keep on the look out
  10. Was it a phone call, email, message , mail...... Bc I didn't hear anything and I went in on November 1.... So hopefully soon
  11. I guess we have no choice but to play the waiting game..... i Will update if I get any info
  12. Has anyone else who went last week for pre employment been called for final processing. I went in on Wednesday last week and have been kinda anxiously waiting for a response on when to come back in for final processing
  13. Hey guys ... I have a question to those who have gotten a call back to do the medical portion.... How did mta contact you .... Email? Call you? Or snail mail?
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