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  1. Congratulations. How did it go. My number is 400 and something I want to be called soon.
  2. Thanx for the advice. My list number is lower than 500. Energy is everything
  3. Do you know what number they r up to?? I cant seem.to get through on the phone. R u serious??? Thats crazy!!! Im 4hundred n something who knows how long that can take
  4. Do you know what number they r up to?? I cant seem.to get through on the phones
  5. lol no. Shit taking forever rite??! It will be a yr in march since we started the process. Do u know what number they up to???
  6. I will def let u know. I have been trying to call to see what number they r up to. But They keep me on hold for so lomg
  7. 4hundred n something i dont remeber exact
  8. No I did not get called yet. Thanx for asking. Im wondering the same thing
  9. Yea. I gotta keep that n mind. I dont know if its a guarantee I will b called for an interview. Do u know if they started calling peoplw yet?
  10. Wow. Im sorry to hear that. Good luck u never know they may call u
  11. Im not sure if there is a drug test. N no I dont know what number they r up to. Did they even start calling people for the interview??
  12. I got my list number at the end of october . I scored a 92 n my list number 4hundred n something. I dont remember rite now. But Im waiting patiently to be called too 😣😣
  13. Hi Karim.Im new to the group. Did you get a letter for an interview yet??
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