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  1. @Carnage718congrats you are going to love Jamaica depot I love it so far there very welcoming routes are easy to learn also not hard at all good luck guess I will be seeing u Monday
  2. @Scott24 u should have extra on your 21 page booklet
  3. I have a Quick question do they give hand outs for us to study and if they do can anyone put up the most important points up thanks in advance
  4. I have a question do we have to have the medical insurance paperwork filled out before we get to the class or is that done down the line ? Or those it automatically enrolls you in once you have the 90 days
  5. I didn't ask because I have my cdl I did put in i'll leave of absence @ my current job
  6. One part done now wait to see what awaits in the class on December 26
  7. Just got the email to go in the dec 6 for medical
  8. Ugh I see I'm getting abit tired of going to that place my list #is 43**
  9. So once Mac clears you are good that's what I was told up the front desk
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