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  1. I think you're still supposed to. This is because although the farebox is inaccessible, the machines are still working and there is no need to access the farebox anyway.
  2. Perhaps the light rail system could better serve passengers if it had a branch to Nanuet and Spring Valley and/or was extended to White Plains. That might be too much of a HudsonLink duplicate, however. As for rolling stock DMUs like the Stadler GTWs on River LINE in New Jersey would be most appropriate. I don't think the system would have enough capacity to justify electrification.
  3. I got that same train at Jay St and was going to do a round trip to 207th and back.
  4. 1: That is a garbage train. The R32s are used to propel the train, and the flatcars carry empty bins which are exchanged for full bins. 2: IINM normally late night service makes local stops on 4th Avenue, and also stops at DeKalb.
  5. Is the first picture at New Lots Avenue?
  6. That wouldn't be much of a surprise. It seems that whenever the MTA announces that somthing will be completed, started, or released by a particular month it always comes at the end of the month. The countdown clocks on the Brighton Line were supposed to come in October 2017, and went into service on October 30th. Phase 1 of the Second Avenue Subway was supposed to open in December 2016, and opened on January 1st 2017.
  7. I never noticed that the route sign on the side of the R142s and R142As were slightly different.
  8. Kind of disappointed they're eliminating the bonus, but it's not the worst thing to happen. Does it bother anyone else that in the stock photo they're using the MetroCard is being inserted the wrong way into the MVM?
  9. The edit button on a post disappears after a certain amount of time (30 minutes IIRC), and after that you can no longer edit that post.
  10. If I had to guess it's probably a fire or visibility hazard. Is this correct?
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