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  1. I never noticed that the route sign on the side of the R142s and R142As were slightly different.
  2. Kind of disappointed they're eliminating the bonus, but it's not the worst thing to happen. Does it bother anyone else that in the stock photo they're using the MetroCard is being inserted the wrong way into the MVM?
  3. That can't happen. Do you mean XE60s?
  4. The edit button on a post disappears after a certain amount of time (30 minutes IIRC), and after that you can no longer edit that post.
  5. If I had to guess it's probably a fire or visibility hazard. Is this correct?
  6. I've only ever seen this on the B Division. Never on the A Division.
  7. The sign for the B67 and B69 at 7th Ave/Flatbush has been OOS for months. I guess they gave up on it because eventually they installed the schedule back on the pole.
  8. - This train should've been announced as a via the to 36th Street and then via the to Coney Island. - It's impossible for a train on the express track going to CI to stop at Bay 50th without being on the wrong side the rest of the way.
  9. I was unable to get one. If I see this train again I will make sure to get one.

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