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  1. OIG119

    Collection Of Subway Photos #1

    That last shot is amazing!
  2. It seems that they'll have the BAE Systems HybriDrive. https://www.pressconnects.com/story/money/2018/09/21/bae-hybrid-propulsion-systems-used-westchester/1381841002/
  3. It's interesting how the station name signs are incorporated into the tiles. Also, the underpass at the north end of the station had a very unusual slightly clean smell.
  4. OIG119

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    I saw 1086 heading south on the BQE near Red Hook at 4:30 PM.
  5. OIG119

    2038 Subway Map

    The extension to Coney Island is rather interesting. An extension down Nostrand isn't the most important thing at the moment, and Utica Avenue line would be a better use of resources as it would serve a currently underserved area farther from the subway. Anybody near Nostrand Avenue who has to go to CI can take a bus to one of the lines going to CI. Also, it misses the opportunity have a station or two in Manhattan Beach to be an alternative to the B1 or B49 to the subway. Also building it out in the water may just cost enough money to instead build SAS to Yonkers.
  6. OIG119

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    There are a number of places where adjacent infrastructure limits station length to 480 feet, like Essex Street, Chambers Street, or Broadway Junction, for example. There are other places where stations would end up too close together. At Marcy Avenue due to the curve to the WBB the station an extension would have to be built to the east, and the station would get too close to Hewes Street. Of course in that case Hewes Street would likely have to close, and maybe a new Union Avenue station could be built to transfer to the .
  7. OIG119

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Run a search of all the buses in TransSee or some other program and see where any are located, and then to meet one of them if there are any present. Last week I tried to get one on the B60 using this method, but I ultimately got one on the B47.
  8. OIG119

    1075 almost ready to go...

    When will this enter service?
  9. It's just a demo right now. It won't replace anything.
  10. OIG119

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    A new yard could be built over Beach Channel Drive in Far Rockaway if necessary, but there's already a yard at Rockaway Park.
  11. OIG119

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I think it was being used for a NYTM shop.
  12. OIG119

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    I saw several of these ads in Brooklyn today.
  13. OIG119

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    We should take CS Depot and push it somewhere else.
  14. OIG119

    Brooklyn Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    The B1 and B9 both operate on Ocean Parkway for short distances. It is possible to get a permit to run buses on roads where they are normally not allowed.
  15. There's a crossover between the express tracks south of the station.


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