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  1. I did pre-employment & drug test in last December,I was told wait 3 to 90 days,but nothing to heard from MTA until today.
  2. the same position with you,did drug test Dec 5,still waiting too.
  3. Hi my friend,Did you receive the call or email for final process?
  4. Thanks everybody for help,I‘m guilty pleas already and paid the fee.
  5. Does any one can help me?I did a Car inspector interview this morning and passed, and then I got an appointment on next week for processing the employment of MTA. But I had a 2 point traffic violation ticket on hearing schedule in September next year. and I have a friend is the employee of MTA, he told me I have to guilty pleas immediately and pay before my next appointment, if not that would be impact my employment of MTA, is that true? Do I have other way to solve it? because it's not Seriously violation.
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