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  1. Never know, he seems like transp mgmt material
  2. It’s a small world and the rr is even smaller. You don’t know who knows who and who’s related to some shotcaller. Wise up, stfu and don’t forget to throw the toggle when you get out new guy.
  3. Congrats new guy. Good luck, hope your tone in your posts don’t reflect how you are in real life.
  4. Cd was helpful for the definitions. The computer won’t let you miss a word or jumble it out of order whereas with the flashcards you might miss something and glaze right over it.
  5. Not that it matters but jimmy clearly stated someone failed Air brake one class back. Perhaps it was someone else.
  6. If he failed air brake how did he graduate. Doesnt pass the smell test.
  7. This. Milk your free time because once you’re in class it’s go time
  8. So 3- rules 1- air brake 1-found another opportunity yikes.
  9. Looooooool wasn’t my class but I could imagine he was highly disappointed
  10. AC18-2 had 3 ac’s fail rules and 1 ac fail air brake. Air brake is definitely easier but the prospect of an easier topic shouldn’t lull any ac’s into a sense of security. Study study study.
  11. Does anyone know when the feb class is supposed to start
  12. You’re awesome thank you. I assume black timberlands would be considered acceptable?
  13. What shoes do you guys recommend? I heard someone talk about a pair of Nike’s that are acceptable but never caught the name of the style. Can anyone help?
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