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  1. sealtea116

    Station Agent 6600 Hiring Process

    That is crazy you think they would have know that before they wasted your time and their money. I really seems as if they have no sense of what is going on. Then now they are going by list numbers but they haven't established and published the list yet .
  2. sealtea116

    Station Agent 6600 Hiring Process

    congrats on the job and good luck in the class. When did you have pre-employment mine was on oct 31 but again that doesn't really mean much because there are people on here that got called from other days so I am guessing it is some what random till the list is out.
  3. sealtea116

    Station Agent 6600 Hiring Process

    Glad to see im not the only one that the drug test will run out on, mine is up on Jan 31.
  4. sealtea116

    Station Agent 6600 Hiring Process

    was it a full day event like the last time or did you get out early
  5. sealtea116

    Station Agent 6600 Hiring Process

    Did you also have pre employment on 10/31 and if so do you remember your ticket number. This should be final processing if all your paperwork is in order and congrats.
  6. sealtea116

    Station Agent 6600 Hiring Process

    I was there on that day as well so hopefully I will be called as well. Just wondering if you remember your number that you got on the 31st. I was in the 200 that day. I know someone had mention the money order If I were you i would give them a call to see if you need to bring one or just get it to be on the safe side. Unless they just assume that it will be taken from your first check. But call them if they gave you a call back number doesn't hurt to ask. Congrats on the phone call and make sure you go over your paperwork one last time before you get there.
  7. sealtea116

    Station Agent 6600 Hiring Process

    I was at pre-employment on 10/31 and had the drug test still waiting for the email. Drug test runs out at the end of Jan does anyone know what happens if it runs out or you don't get called in the 90-day (I know for sure that I passed the drug test). I know that some other people in the forum are in the same boat as me. Anyone hear anything yet?
  8. sealtea116

    Station Agent 6600 Hiring Process

    Thank loulou for the information so far any information that we can be reading up on that you would recommend that would make training a little easier. I mean that is assuming that we get hired lol. sorry if this information was previously stated. Also is there a lot of studying during the process of training.
  9. sealtea116

    Station Agent 6600 Hiring Process

    Have your heard anything yet. I too had got the letter to go in on October 31 for pre-interview and when that was done I had taken the drug test, I'm now waiting to be emailed for final processing. It has been about a month now looking to see if anyone has heard back yet that was in the preinterview on Oct 31. Im getting worried because I know there is a class scheduled for Dec 11, their was a lot of people there but for many different jobs. Any information would be welcomed. Thanks


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