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  1. coming from someone who was terrified of heights its not as bad as it seems, just pay attention to your surroundings and don't let your fear distract you. i spoke to a few senior guys/new hires, they said it takes some time getting used to & soon enough you'll be working/walking up there with no issue.
  2. according to the instructors there are 3 classes coming up after the current class
  3. damnnn man that's a crazy journey.. glad you pulled through though especially after all that. but all in all congratulations! and lol wow the nurse literally had me strain my eyes until i saw the numbers i would of rather done the traffic light lol see you there tho man.
  4. i was actually there the 2nd but that's awesome! I'll probably see him in class. im happy people are getting through
  5. thank you man hope too see you there too. was there all day. got there at 6:30am and they let us up at 7:00am. was there until around 4:00pm, im pretty sure you'll go right through dont stress it and lol i wish i remembered the numbers now bro sadly i dont and yeah the class is the 26th
  6. that's awesome im happy for both of you! you took the words out of my mouth, this forum was more helpful than any other person i spoke with from transit and i'm thankful for everyone who contributed. I'll keep putting info out even after my class starts just because
  7. @noska you're right around the corner man
  8. literally just got back home, was there all day. took all those test and yeah, they do the ishi test. i nearly bombed it to be honest but she let me do the slides over a few times until i got it right. after all the tests i taken for an interview where they swore me in and afterwards did the fingerprints
  9. as far as the ishirhara test he said no, other than that it was just like every other eye exam, reading letters from a distance and distinguishing shapes. either way im gonna find out tomorrow and let you know
  10. went in Jan 25th, also i spoke to a friend who got hired in November, said he didnt have to take the ishihara test?
  11. thank you i'll keep everyone posted on what happens on friday, and im 221*
  12. Just got my email to come in this friday for final processing, for the class on the 26th
  13. i hope not i just googled that test and i'd be screwed lol congrats
  14. same they rushed me through the process when i went so hopefully soon
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