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  1. It's obvious that inexperienced people redesigned this bus network. This makes me wonder how the Queens redesign will look.
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/nycrail/comments/buna5m/a_different_kind_of_straphanger/
  3. Has the MTA finalized its purchase of Grand Central Terminal?
  4. Trying to prevent anymore buses from rolling down the streets. They learned the hard way.
  5. Are MTA buses programmed with speed limiters that prevent them from going over 40?
  6. If only I had known about this system before... BusTime has failed me many times especially with the Q31. Last year, I suggested to them that they should update their twitter profile pic and banner. They replied, "Thanks, we'll notify supervision."
  7. Wow small world, I got on 5160 at Horace Harding and Kissena around 4:30pm. Didn't pay much attention to the brakes though.
  8. And that's why they always look depressed. They deal with so much crap but they have to bottle up their emotions until they break or retire.
  9. Just rode an empty 5160 on the Q17. Soon there will be no more... Ah who cares. They did the job.
  10. Are there roaches in the rear of the old buses? Got me concerned now even though the D60HFs are retired. What about the older Orion VIIs?
  11. That's exactly what he did: https://mobile.twitter.com/sgtetc/status/1115250364310261760
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