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  1. I’m assuming the same but hoping not at the same time, obviously being selfish but I understand why this would be the case. everyone stay safe.
  2. I don’t think any of us can answer this with absolute certainty.
  3. Does anyone from the previous classes know how big these classes are?
  4. Last time I spoke to mrs Watson she said they were at 1636.
  5. They’re up to 1636 and the March classes are full. April classes should start getting filled soon.
  6. Just got my letter to show for the 1700s so just to give you guys an update on where they should be around.
  7. Got through today. Still at 1138... apparently all vacancies have been filled at this time. They'll start calling again once theres more vacancies. That's what I'm told
  8. If you took your test, I believe its 90 days until it expires. You should have until about may 20th. They'll send you another letter in the mail to take an additional test.
  9. They're still at 1138 according to mrs watson
  10. No one can really answer this question for you. The list expires in about 4 years. I suppose if you get it cleared up in 4 years you may have a chance but I they get through the list before then I’m not sure what happens. All I can say if try and get that taken care of as soon as possible then call for another appointment. Good luck.
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