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  1. Called Earlier, They’re up to 9,842.
  2. Oh Okay, Sounds like We all have a Chance to get in before the List Expires
  3. Do you know what List number they’re up to?
  4. They should’ve extended this Exam for 3yrs since it were on a Freeze for 3yrs
  5. Wow, that’s a lot of People. It seems like they’re hiring less Conductors that’s why it took so long for us to get called
  6. I didn’t take 6601 cus they took too long to call me from Exam 8094. I felt like they just taking the money for the Exams
  7. I Really Hope they Extend the 8094 List until the End of this Year lol
  8. Agree, She can lose her job at anytime. It’s unfair to those that’s been waiting for 9years. I don’t understand why would they hire Provisional when there’s a list that’s out already & it expires February 16 smh.
  9. Smh, That means they’re skipping over people
  10. I have a friend as well that got into the Jan 16 Class. His List number is 9,71x. He took the Drug test around the same time & Received the Email
  11. Okay Cool, I Hope we all get into the February 13 Class before the Exam Expire
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