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  1. Thanks brother....it's fun-time. Thats for sure. I'll def see you around campus.
  2. Thank you. It's difficult to describe how it feels. I'm glad it's over. The program is rough...just like Dre says...emotional roller coaster, that's if you do it right anyway. My walls were covered in maps...i was constantly studying SOMETHING. Of course phase2 was better bc you actually operate trains and don't just sit in a classroom. But for the most part, you have to study on your own. Everyday, whenever you can. So organization is a MUST. You get together for evaluations and review and whatnot, but for the most part, you're drawing all that shit SOLO. Also keeping up with rules, signals and definitions. And let's not forget AIR BRAKE.
  3. Starting review for the interims now? The second 6 months of the program are gonna feel like nothing...keep studying. The last 6 go by fast....
  4. I finally just qualified as a Locomotive Engineer...The feeling of finally being done is AMAZING. @drenyce311, how are you man??!!! It's been a while! Hope to run into you soon.
  5. They're not going to ask you for indications of aspects that don't have indications.
  6. Thank you. To you as well. You're just starting the process?
  7. I got the call yesterday btw. I'm a Locomotive Engineer Trainee.... Just quit my job today. It was just as fun as I thought it would be.
  8. They have a lot of applicants. I applied in Apr. 2017. I didn't get an Email until a couple days before thanksgiving. Seven months..not so bad. Since then i've moved through the process pretty quickly. I more or less forgot about it. But I have a feeling that those who apply now will get faster responses. I could def be wrong on that though. Good luck.
  9. I kept the Zone A signals separated while i was learning them bc of the slight differences between their indications and those of the Zone C signals.But mixed up the Zone C cards. Once I knew what was what, i mixed them all up. I got 100%'s all throughout phase 1 on the weekly quizzes. They're burned into my brain. Eventually, mix them up. Good luck.
  10. Read, write and recite the definitions. Make voice recordings and put them on your phone if possible. Listen to them at work or wherever. Just keep going over the signals on the flash cards. Go back and read through this thread and you'll find alot of advice on the topic....Good Luck.
  11. Anytime. Just as @drenyce311 has stated, it really depends. We transitioned in about a month. It's all different though. Definitely take his advice and don't give your two weeks at your present job until you're past the second medical and the background check and you've gotten that call. Also, they don't " have to " give you two weeks for your present employer like everyone assumes. Sometimes it's less.
  12. The second medical is the same as the first: Eye exam, color blind test and physical agilities test.Plus a hearing exam,EKG, sleep apnea questionnaire (they'll decide if you fit the criteria for sleep apnea, if not, they won't test you for it) and the drug test. Not too bad.
  13. Thank you. Just finished my second medical last week and did the background check. We start at the end of the month. Looking forward to it. Getting paid to study is much better than the phase 1 deal of working your regular job and studying for the rest of the day. It wasn't easy, but it's definitely do-able. Don't let anyone fool you. Study study study.
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