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  1. LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    How is the interview for this position btw? At the S & D orientation, the person said people who passed the exam will get an interview on the same day but we didn't. Instead we got Basic Training days scheduled for 2 weeks. Any tips/advice for the interview?
  2. LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    Anyone doing basic skill training starting on 2/27/18?
  3. LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    @Jonnyl911 im sorry i couldnt reply back to you sooner. I completely forgot about logging in this forum. How did you do on your exam today?
  4. LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    @Jonnyl911 Yeah im down for it. I memorized up to 40 but still getting minor errors. How about you?
  5. LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    anyone else taking S & D exam on 21st?
  6. LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    Congrats and me too. we got same date for the overview. When did you go to the orientation btw? I went on 12/21/17 at 8:30am. I was surprised not many people were there, not even 20 people.
  7. LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    @CGeorge do you know how you get invited to the S & D Overview? Do you have to pass background/credit check before getting invited or is it on going while you are going through the process?
  8. LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    @Cappi10 yeah i know what u mean. 2 extra weeks is a lot and I hope its because of the less materials to study...
  9. LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    @Cappi10 when u were in the process for A/C, did they invite u to S & D after or before background/credit check? I think the hiring process is very similar except the training/learning materials.
  10. LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    Ahh ok I see. I hope we both can make it. They sent me pre-employment packet which is a sample of S & D material last friday. I think we can do it if we put some time on them.
  11. LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    I think there are more people for AC than BO. There were not even 20 people at the orientation. We took the cognitive exam and after like 3 weeks later, a lady called me in the morning asking a question about my application and then sent me an invitation to S & D email later that afternoon around 3PM. So I guess you have to pass your background/credit check before you get invited to S & D?
  12. LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    U just got invited to the orientation on Jan 25? I guess they are looking for more people. I have S & D overview on 31st. If you get invited to the overview, does that mean you passed the background/credit check?
  13. LIRR Block Operator Trainee

    Anybody? :/ I guess not many people got picked for this position considering there were not even 20 people at the orientation and they only held 2 orientation on same day.
  14. LIRR Assistant Conductor Trainee

    I got a quick question: Hiring process for block operator and assistant train conductor are same or just similar?
  15. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and I recently went to the orientation for Lirr Block Operator Trainee position on 12/21/17, Then I got an email on 12/29/17 saying I'm invited for Signal and Definition Overview on 01/31/18. Any tips/advises would be greatly appreciated!!! I never expected them to contact me but I'm glad they did and I always wanted to work for MTA.


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