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  1. MCU Bank u need a city or state job id to open a account. There rules not mine.
  2. Hello all. I am a MTA Bus operator on probation and was going to 19A class at Spring Creek Depot on December 14th 2017. When asked at the gate to show my id i showed the officer my id and was told to take it out of the holder to give to him. I did so but the officer noticed i had a photo copy of my id card in my pass holder and asked me whats that. I took the copy out of my holder and unfolded it and gave it to him and explained i opened a MCU account and the person who helped me said they made a extra copy and gave it to me to destroy and i just folded it and stuffed it back into my pass holder along with my id to destroy later but forgot it was still there. Anyway i was sent back to my depot and was not allowed to take my 19A class. Went back to my depot wrote out a G2 for my union rep and was later sent home. Days later i was call in on December 19th and terminated. I was told the officer said i presented the photo copy to him as my id and that i caused a security breech. I explained to my AGM that i had my id card and wouldnt give the copy if i had my actual id card. My AGM told me that Zerega wanted me terminated and that his hands we tied but if i got clearance from Zerega to come back to work he would have me back or if i needed him to call them to put in a good word for me he would because of my good work history in my short 9 months of being there. I was told by my union rep that we were going to fight the termination and to call him back in a week and the matter would be taken care of. Now 2 months later I was cleared by my depot bosses and Zerega but because its been so long i now have to be cleared by headquarters and my union rep is telling headquarters may not reverse my termination and its but so much he can do because i am still on probation. It makes me feel like "what have you been doing for the last 2 months then?" So my question is if headquarters decides to keep me terminated is there anything else i can do like a hearing or something to get my job back??? I dont know why the officer would say i presented the photo copy as my id card but it has me in a very messed up situation. Any words of advise would help. Thank You
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