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  1. This guy has some f**king balls...

    No I never said you were, I'm saying theres a difference between Railfanners and those conquestors, like the bum in the video
  2. Breaking News: Will M'ville Depot be forced closed?

    ^ I think you are mistaking the depots. See, the M31 is at Tuskegee airman depot, not Manhattanville depot. Manhattanville is the depot closing according to this thread, not Tuskegee.
  3. This guy has some f**king balls...

    oh I see, but there's a big difference between causing a public disturbance, such as lying on the tracks, throwing bottles at the train and delaying service, and railfanning which includes, taking pictures and foaming from the mouth, if your that kind of person.
  4. Different article, but this has kind of been posted already
  5. This guy has some f**king balls...

    Wait what does railfanning have to do with this?
  6. The (7); BMT or IRT?

    I haven't really been following this, do I hear now the is not part of the B division?
  7. This guy has some f**king balls...

    I find it interesting how in the video we manages to walk right by the FDNY without them noticing, no disrespect, my sons a Firefighter. I just think he stuck out like a sore thumb. Also why was the fire department called and not the police? anyone know?
  8. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Why were trains running via second avenue this morning? Saw a R68a and r160 at 86th st.
  9. god, no wonder our system is the way it is.
  10. My bus route service sucks!

    Wow, this makes the Q88 look reliable.
  11. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Random question/thought. Why did 1016, the XN60 go to West Farms and not to another borough depot?
  12. Nice has it ever made it up as a Cuomo'd R-160? Heard that has happened once or twice
  13. got to love train traffic right?
  14. Here’s something they should do, that they haven’t already. Have certain express trains continue to run express, just run them on the local track. Simply bypass the local station in both directions. I don’t see what’s wrong with doing that. Unless I’m missing something?
  15. The testing of the R179.


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