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  1. kosciusko

    R188 Discussion Thread

    Classic MTA start. Jokes aside though this isn't surprising. It will probably take a little bit to iron the kinks out.
  2. kosciusko

    R211 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, there's also nowhere for people to piss on non-OG sets. People just do it anyway.
  3. https://journalstar.com/business/local/kawasaki-discussing-restructuring-rail-car-division-after-huge-losses/article_cbed4b11-9b28-59d1-a0e8-f26f55ca3c0b.html
  4. kosciusko

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    What on earth is a 7D
  5. kosciusko

    R188 Discussion Thread

    Is that an official document? Why on earth would they choose that font.
  6. kosciusko

    holding doors

    I just yell at people with something along the lines of "let go of the f**king doors"
  7. kosciusko

    How fast do expresses actually travel?

    Between 34th - W4th on the is a speedy run. Surprisingly 34th - 14th on the Bway is pretty fast as well.
  8. kosciusko

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Provisions for a layup. IIRC Bedford-Nostrand was supposed to be a "terminal" for an eastward extension of the crosstown line.
  9. kosciusko

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The other day I had a train conductor close the doors before anyone got on.
  10. kosciusko

    New York City Subway car listing

    To be fair putting a sticker on a car is far less work than repairing an HVAC
  11. IIRC the doesn't really cost anything extra to run, it's just a with a different stopping pattern.
  12. Why isn't this being done system-wide. Surely the TGC can inspect better than a human can.
  13. For at least 3-4 million(?) New Yorkers this is literally not possible. Without the subway and bus system existing in some form the city would not be able to function. Remember that NYC is not built around automobiles, and we are feeling the effects of this with the amount of FHVs that have come in. If you don't believe me head to Houston or Broome during rush hour. We're soon about to feel the effects of losing the and that will be very telling of how people will get around without the subway. At absolute worst we will see a drastic service reduction (no express, no nighttime). The subway must exist in some capacity, New York is too densely populated for anything else. Also on an unrelated note I would like to point out that enforcing fare-evasion is more expensive than it's worth.
  14. kosciusko

    S&P lowers MTA's credit rating

    A+ isn't that good.


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