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  1. Because they are garbage and everyone hates them
  2. There's already aboubt 300 r179s in the yards, removing them froms service indefinitely is not an option for the MTA.
  3. It's awful but that's a convo for another time
  4. Well now we know how to grind the entire BMT to a halt.
  5. I've been saying this on this godforsaken forum for YEARSSSSSSSSS. More police are almost never the solution to anything, not only is it costly but it is demonstrably ineffective. Not to mention all of the police on civilian violence that's been occuring in the recent months. Either way, The best way to combat farebeating isn't to ask the question "how do we stop farebeating," whe should be asking "why are people farebeating" and go from there.
  6. It's pretty wild how a small group of people can strong-arm the entire population city into getting what they want.
  7. This very well could just be a shell that didn't pass QC
  8. I wonder how many of those riders are switching to either express bus or LIRR service.
  9. Looks like trains are running as scheduled despite the MTA website.
  10. I know, it's a shame that the service is essentially random though.
  11. This is insanity. It will take longer than the Q70. If Prince Andr*w really was interested in speeding up the trip to LGA he would make improvements to the existing transit options.
  12. The IRT has been a total disaster today, there were signal problems at 59th street earlier also, I wonder what the occasion was.
  13. You could also bring the back to FH71 to fill the gap left by cutting the . It would work because many QBL rider just hop on the express or when they get the chance, or they could get the if they're headed downtown, or they could get the via the .
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