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  1. Thank you. Someone told me they look back 18 months only. Wish I knew. I’m hiring a good lawyer to fight this.
  2. I also took my boss exam already, about 2-3 weeks ago.
  3. Hey! I have a question. About 14 months ago I got pulled over going 45mph in a 25, I live on the boarder of Long Island and queens so the speed limit changes from 40 to 25, fairly quick. That is 4 points on my license. I paid the ticket in December of 2016, so it’s been 13ish months. I have another ticket I got back in early 2016 for a disobey traffic device that is 2 points that I’m fighting in March,2018. I am list number 4xx, I am going to take my CDL permit next week. Am I screwed? I thought they look at points on your license, which in a couple of months it’ll be off of my license. I also took a point reduction program on the computer. I didn’t know they go back 3 years. 😞 I’m turning 23 this month.

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