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  1. Hey guys good luck to all that are going through the process sorry to here that @Alberto. I went through the whole program and just finished phase 2, Nov. 7, 2019. It was a crazy year had a lot going on in my life while doing the program, but just keep studying it all pays off at the end now I’m a qualified engineer and I’m loving not having to study how I was as a trainee. Any questions guys just let me know I’ll try to answer you guys back as soon as I can.
  2. In my Phase l class all 13 passed but classes only take 12 students so our classmate had to wait for this January phase ll class. It’s a phase ll that’s scheduled for January. I believe Phase l is sometime in February. They’re usually 3 months apart from each class. So just wait like Dre said no news is good news, just be patient. And keep studying your signals and definitions you’ll get tested on that the first day of phase l
  3. I had 5 or 6 definitions left before my test I was feeling the same way it’s only 20 what are the chances I’ll get one of those. But I took the day before the test off from work hit those definitions and got them by the next day. The next day on the test I saw all 6 , I would’ve failed that test, but since I got them all down I got 100 on the signals and 100 on the indications/definitions test. So just try to study it hard you put in all this time, if you really want it go all in or nothing at all. Best of luck.
  4. Hey guys so im done with my Phase l class, I passed my final on Saturday. Now just waiting on HR to contact me for Phase ll. I took two days off from studying now back at it today to keep everything fresh for Phase ll. I heard there’s an open house today good luck to everyone.
  5. As long as you don’t get a letter in the mail you should be fine just keep waiting you just started I did my open house January in babaylon, went to S&D overview st Patrick’s Day then 5 weeks later April 21 took the S&D Test they infromed me April 25 that I passed and wanted to schedule an interview. Did the interview the next week and then I waited a while I thought I messed up the interview but then I got a call from HR to schedule a pre medical and based on me passing that medical I would start phase l June 27 and here I am in Phase l. We have a great instructor for Phase l so I can’t complain. Our final is Aug 18. They’ll let us know that same day wether we passed or failed. Hopefully I have good news and can start phase ll in September. 🙌🏼 🙏🏼 Hope this information helps you guys. Just how it helped me when I read all 36 pages to know what to expect. If you guys really want the job and know what to expect read the whole 42 pages of this forum very insightful information. In one page there is actually a lot of questions that they ask in the interview, to bad for me I read that after my interview so I couldn’t prepare myself for it lol but you guys can. So here’s my input for the forum hope it helps you guys. Good luck ✊🏼
  6. Hey guys how was that overview today? Overwhelming dont worry that’s nothing like phase l my best advice is that you guys put everything into index cards and make sure you check you wrote the signals indications and definitions exactly word for word. I had a case where for example: Stop Board - Stop then be governed by timetable special instruction. I wrote it exactly like that and left out the last part so half way into studying I had everything down, I go to double check that everything was word for word and found that I was missing “or general notice.“ Stop Board - Stop then be governed by timetable special instruction or general notice. so just study those index cards everyday. I got all the signals first with indications with some definitions and once I got the signals and indications 100%, I moved on to the long definitions. If you say it enough everyday it just starts sticking, so study and good luck, Phase l is a lot more studying and learn a lot of rules verbatim as well and you’ll get quizzed on signals and definitions every so often if not every class. @MistaFISH how’s Phase ll going?
  7. Yea they called me Wednesday to schedule the pre medical, which you need to pass to move on to phase l. I just took it today and passed, I’m just waiting for HR to email me confirmation that I passed and confirmation on phase l, when HR called me to scheduled the pre medical they told me phase l starts June 27. I hope you got a call, good luck to everyone and for the ones that will be in my phase l class see you there. The time has come for us to study study and give it all we have.
  8. Congrats bro, can’t wait to get to that step. 🤞🏼
  9. Thanks for the information, how long is the wait from phase l to phase ll, Just curious because of my current job. Thanks again
  10. I think it was good I was pretty nervous, It was an HR Rep and road foreman, before you go in they give you a few papers to go over which Consist of the job descriptions and also Rlue G which they ask you about. When they ask you about rule G they want to see how many you can remember, believe I said them all, also they don’t have to be verbatim..lol then questions about team work, job description, causalities (they want to know if you can deal with it well and come to work after a accident) if you go back on this forum someone posted up some questions they they may ask you, I remember hearing 95% of those questions I’ll try to find the page number. I went through the whole 38 pages of the forum and came across those questions who ever posted that thanks very helpful, they also mentioned a class starts every 3 months so I’m guessing sometime in the summer what step are you on?
  11. I did the panel interview about a week ago just waiting now
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