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  1. I never singled you out on hypocrisy, and was referring to the other comments before. Yours just happened to be recent. Apologies for the lack of clarity.
  2. It is completely possible given modern technology, all it takes is will. In Moscow and Tokyo 1 minute intervals are the norm during rush period.
  3. Yes. The has not see a new fleet in decades. Gotta love the hypocrisy when everyone cries about every other line getting old cars. Deal with it. It's temporary and if an old train offends you take a nice uber 🤠
  4. Probably not. The is a very short route and the trains are half the length of an . The R179s are being put on the mainly to help with the rush hour crowds that are better handled by 60ft cars. The is never crowded.
  5. 3010-3019 officially back in service. Caught it today at 1:30 from Rockaway Blvd Manhattan bound. It really does go faster than R46s between Euclid and Bway Jct.
  6. Can someone explain to me how it is the 5 car sets need a separate 30 day test and must wait for all 4 car sets to be delivered first. Isn't this the exact same model with identical features; how does the addition of 1 middle car change so many technical things??
  7. Anyone know the whereabouts of the R179 today? Feel like catching it.
  8. No major infrastructure modifications are required. 10-car trains have already served the at various points in time. The only thing that is needed are full length (600-ft, be it 8x75 or 10x60) trains and a will on behalf on the MTA. The former is a non issue now that the won't be shut down, but the latter, for some strange reason, will probably delay implementation of a full length .
  9. So how many more left until the 5-car production sets start arriving?
  10. That's a good idea. Or make a group chat/mega forum somewhere else, like reddit?
  11. Yes but with the shutdown no longer a thing, there probably isn't a push to get full-length trains. In that case, the can continue to be a mix of R32s, R46s and R179s (8-car) while the 10-car R179s are exclusively on the since, we can all agree, it needs them the most.
  12. Well sorry we've only waited two damn years for this. Not to be that guy but: can anyone comment on where the R179 might be at this time?
  13. Does anyone know where the R179 is right now??
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