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  1. Has the RFP gone out for the 290 40’ft cruiser order ? The bid specs where created alongside the 85 articulated order
  2. During Jan’s 2019 board; bus division have received authorization for 85 articulated bus xd60 NFI and have said the first batch should be on the road by fourth quarter of 2019. Has anyone heard in the latest talk on when the 290 40 foot cruiser order will be placed ?
  3. Below are the PRIVATE CARRIERS who are part of the six year order who are all receiving 45 foot MCI d4500ct with their own company colors/badging Summary - total of 509 NJ transit state owned buses slotted to be replaced with D4500CT with the six year contract currently in year 3 Itemized breakdown Garage Matrix Academy Lines (17000s) 40 ft 139 45 ft 12 45 ft Lav 30 Carefree 45 ft Lav 2 Community Transit (17000s) 40 ft 13 45 ft 10 DeCamp Bus Lines (17000s) 45 ft 15 40 ft 35 Hudson Transit/ Shortline 45 ft 18 Lakeland Bus (17000s) 40 ft 50 45 ft 5 Rockland Coaches (19000s) in progress 40 ft 64 45 ft 30 Saddle River Trails (17000s and 18000s) 40 ft 8 Suburban Trails 40 ft 22 45 ft 49 Trans-Bridge Lines 40 ft 1 45 ft Lav 6 Total 509 private carrier NJ transit owner buses
  4. Rockland coach out of Westwood NJ garage are receiving 94 buses from the year 3 batch starting with 19001
  5. This topic is about creating a efficient Bus Ticketing System that is currently fragmented and poorly executed throughout the entire NJT Bus operations. I am foremost a bus transit fan, former commuter and now a bus operator for NJ transit. I am here to share my input on the current bus fare collection system that needs attention both from the public, bus operators and leaders of NJT and union. I am aware NJT board recently selected a contractor to modernize the fare collection system without full detail on the design and execution. Currently the NJ app is unintuitive and has a feel it was created back in year 2000. It is subject to fraudulent use due to the fact bus operators are forced to use only visual validation. This creates potential customer service issues and backlogs when boarding passengers. The current fare registers from Parkeon do not support "tap and go" technology. A big part of how to improve transportation efficiency is improving transit ticketing systems. Ticketing systems have to be quick and practical to allow for prompt loading and unloading of passengers. “Tap and go” is the new mantra for bus fares. Not: sign in app, wait and guess Please share your thoughts
  6. Bus 18107-18114 are assigned to Meadowlands garage (equipped with lavatory)
  7. Counting Lakeland 17186-17240 and NJ Transit 18001-18080 we have 50 more buses to go to complete the 2nd year 184 bus order commencement for 3rd year order announcement should be made on July 11th board meeting note nj transits fiscal budget year begins in July We should also hear news on the order of 290 40 footers bidding contract announcement by July
  8. 40 footers will go to Oradell and Market St garages due to facility limitations. Side note: In 2015/2016 NJ Transit/NJDOT applied for federal aid to build new garage replacement for Oradell to be built in Teterboro (75 million dollar) under the federal HUD Flood Resilience program. However, it was not awarded.
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