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    New Jersey Transit Depot-By-Depot Bus Roster

    Counting Lakeland 17186-17240 and NJ Transit 18001-18080 we have 50 more buses to go to complete the 2nd year 184 bus order commencement for 3rd year order announcement should be made on July 11th board meeting note nj transits fiscal budget year begins in July We should also hear news on the order of 290 40 footers bidding contract announcement by July
  2. 40 footers will go to Oradell and Market St garages due to facility limitations. Side note: In 2015/2016 NJ Transit/NJDOT applied for federal aid to build new garage replacement for Oradell to be built in Teterboro (75 million dollar) under the federal HUD Flood Resilience program. However, it was not awarded.


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