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  1. I know ms Robinson keeps in contact with me but I can’t at the moment my obligations up mid 2019
  2. Negative the mandate is 2,000 track workers but with all these new projects,tunnel reconstruction and people retiring I’d say roughly around 5,000 May be called. That doesn’t mean 5,000 from exam 8600. Exam 3600 is still active and rightfully so 4,000 should be hired from that list.
  3. Honestly I scored a 100% out right no Extra credits given from exam 3600 with a list number in the 400’s but had active duty obligations,so I couldn’t take the job at that specific time nor now.
  4. That’s completely far from the truth. And I know from exam 3600 given in 2012-2013. This exam 8600 seems easy buy not reading keywords will drop your score drastically. That’s the purpose of the exam,make it easy and when you tend to think something is really easy you rush and that’s when you’ll pay.
  5. Did anyone from dates 3/20/18 and 3/21/18 receive email/phone call for medical processing yet?
  6. Where are the f%^#ing seats in this place. Over 150 ppl only about 80 chairs. smfh. MTA Headquarters
  7. Did anyone else notice from the first letter sent last year (Aug 2017) the pay rate was $23.26/hr now it’s $23.84. I happened to still have my letter from last year. Reinstated my name back on the list 1/2/18.
  8. Just checked my mail. I report Wednesday 7:30 am exam #4600 Bus Operator TA Surface
  9. Did they send you a new offer letter in the mail?
  10. Dcas updated they system today,I’m finally on Outstanding certification after restoring my name back to the list on 1/2/18. List # 3,7XX
  11. Dcas just updated they system. Everyone waiting check like me check your mail. Last appointed just went from 4645 to 5781. So I’m no longer depending on dcas I’m checking the mail everyday now Lol.
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