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  1. Good luck make the best of this opportunity listen to the Supt. Ask questions no question is a stupid question. Question yr OA or TA & what exam u got called for?
  2. I got mine last week & the appointment date was for 1st Oct lol but am already in also
  3. Once u have yr CDL u never open the engine compartment during training u just do yr regular pre trip. When I did mine 1 guy had a permit & the supt never made us open the back only when yr at DMV u open the engine compartment
  4. U combine yr rdo with yr 2 weeks but u only get pay for yr 2 weeks not the rdo days. But each depot policy differ how u take ava days some u have to spend the night at the depot.
  5. You will get 2 weeks after probation finishes find out from your union rep when you have to tell them how you want your vaca bec I think before December they have to know You wanna take off next year. In August 2019 it may be a hard time to get your vaca bec all the seniors guys pick summer to take off but find out from your union what dates are available & only then you get off.
  6. Apparently they call randomly i dont know I called one yr ago & they told me they call you in order how u score on the exam or it could be if some one has a pending ticket in court the case has to be done b4 u can b processed then your list # go back in the system until ye case is done & they call you back
  7. Rem when yr in training listen & ask questions execute what yr been taught take yr time
  8. You have a low list # 100 to 120 & if all your other classmates got list number higher than yrs well you will be first to pick a depot but mind they could have some one who got a low list number than you in yr class then you wont be first to pick but it's all good you will still get a depot you want. No matter if yr pre employment pass last yr you will still have that option to pick first bec yr number low good luck
  9. I always taught they call in order as yr list # but it dont look that way. If yr list # is 100 to 120 not to worry once you qualify when come time to pick a depot you gonna b no 1 first to pick depot so pick wisely.
  10. Good luck. The people at Livingston st are like that & you have to have to be on time once you come to work on time yr good you must have that discipline good luck with yr training. What exam did they call you for 4105?
  11. Take unpaid time off make up an excuse this opportunity won't come again dont mess it up
  12. Take unpaid time off I told them I had family emergency I needed 2 weeks unpaid time off & the give me it once it was unpaid they were ok with it
  13. It depends on what line yr doing some line they dont give enough time to come out the seat soon as u get to the end you turn around you would usually get abt 10min at the end but u can loose that 10min to traffic etc but you can press RTT or if the dispatcher is there they have to let u go take a leak.
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