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  1. I applied for this back on December 31st the first day then redid my Application on Jan 3rd because I missed something on my first. My application has been submitted that day and my application status is on applied.I hope to hear back soon as well
  2. Hi all, I am a High School senior in the Bronx and being a C/R has been one of my life long dreams. I would like to know what are the recent requirements to be eligible to take the exam. On my collage application i have signed up for almost all of the Community Collages here in the City and applied to be majoring in Tourism, Travel, and Hospitality, is 2 years of collage good enough for the exam and even the actual job? and is want i am gonna major in also enough? I know you need a High School diploma or GED, and also if there is a exam sometime in the next 2 years will i be eligible to take it even though i am still in Collage? I am so sorry if this question has been asked before but any other information will be gladly appreciated.
  3. There was 2 running this afternoon until 1 set got taken OOS due to some kids messing with the doors at Woodhaven Blvd.
  4. The M finally has a 96th Street-2nd Av program! Going to 96th it says: M 96 ST-2 AV M MYRTLE AV LOCAL M 6 AV LOCAL/63 STREET The FIND box says: 6 Av Local 96 St-2 Av Via 63 St Coming back from 96th Street the outside sign says: M METROPOLITAN AV M VIA 63 ST/6 AV LCL M MYRTLE AV LOCAL The FIND box just says: 6 Avenue Local Metropolitan Av And for the announcement it is spliced from the announcement.
  5. That's because that set was involved in the Canarsie Yard incident in 2006 and it was OOS from the accident till December 2017 because of repairs. One of the cars still has half of the 2001 transfers on the strip map under 6th Av since the bottom half was ripped out for some reason then the transfer at Union Square has the 2010 sticker over it and has the original shown but a single sticker over <Q>. And also 8280 has the old evacuation decal on the wall.
  6. Edit: it is running up and down the J Line. It just passed Alabama Avenue, going Queens bound.
  7. Just caught a 4 car R160 at 75th Street signed up as a to Broadway Junction, it was going Brooklyn Bound. They had equipment set up in the back for testing purposes.
  8. I forgot some more info about myself LOL. I plan on becoming a train conductor on the subway in the near future! My favorite lines are Pelham, West End, Brighton, Culver, 8th Avenue/CPW, Jamaica and Astoria! My favorite stations to fan/watch trains are Canal Street (on 8th Ave), Coney Island, West 8th Street, Sheepshead Bay, Kings Highway (Brighton) , Newkirk Plaza, Church Avenue (Brighton) , Prospect Park, 50th Street (8th Avenue), 42nd Street-PABT, And DeKalb Avenue!
  9. 2 weeks ago i rode a R160B Train from Times Square to Grand Avenue-Newtown and back from Northern Blvd to Queens Plaza!
  10. My name is John and i have always had a big interest in the NYC Subway system and love exploring and riding the subway! I love to also model the NYC Subway with Legos and model subway cars! My favorite type of cars on the subway are the R46 and R68/A (i love the 75 footers!!) because of the seating arrangement, the sound they make going over a switch or track joint (the THUMP...., THUMP.... THUMP... ,THUMP) and their uniqueness in the subway system! i can not wait to make some new friends on here! and share my love with the subway with you guys! PS, I have an Instagram where i post rare things i find in the subway system and just stuff i like, my Instagram is called nyc_subway_fanatic_16 if you guys are interested!
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