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  1. NYCSubwayFanatic16

    Hi All!

    I forgot some more info about myself LOL. I plan on becoming a train conductor on the subway in the near future! My favorite lines are Pelham, West End, Brighton, Culver, 8th Avenue/CPW, Jamaica and Astoria! My favorite stations to fan/watch trains are Canal Street (on 8th Ave), Coney Island, West 8th Street, Sheepshead Bay, Kings Highway (Brighton) , Newkirk Plaza, Church Avenue (Brighton) , Prospect Park, 50th Street (8th Avenue), 42nd Street-PABT, And DeKalb Avenue!
  2. NYCSubwayFanatic16

    What is the most rarest catch you've ever gotten in the subway?

    2 weeks ago i rode a R160B Train from Times Square to Grand Avenue-Newtown and back from Northern Blvd to Queens Plaza!
  3. NYCSubwayFanatic16

    Hi All!

    My name is John and i have always had a big interest in the NYC Subway system and love exploring and riding the subway! I love to also model the NYC Subway with Legos and model subway cars! My favorite type of cars on the subway are the R46 and R68/A (i love the 75 footers!!) because of the seating arrangement, the sound they make going over a switch or track joint (the THUMP...., THUMP.... THUMP... ,THUMP) and their uniqueness in the subway system! i can not wait to make some new friends on here! and share my love with the subway with you guys! PS, I have an Instagram where i post rare things i find in the subway system and just stuff i like, my Instagram is called nyc_subway_fanatic_16 if you guys are interested!


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