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  1. At least you got a letter. I took the test in April and never heard a word.
  2. That’s the boat I was in. I guarantee I got 100% on the signals. I just couldn’t get the definitions down verbatim. I knew what everything was and meant, but I kept leaving out words or replacing them with other words. My brain just doesn’t do words well. It’s sucks because I would have been 100% dedicated to this job.
  3. Actually, I don’t think they let you know you failed. I took S&D back in April, and never heard a thing, so I’m assuming at this point I failed.
  4. I didn’t think the failure rate was so high for Phase 2. Probably has more to do with the people who can’t handle the lifestyle. Poor time management will get you kicked out in a hurry. I manage people in my current job, and it is amazing how many people are incapable of being on time for anything. I would imagine if somebody was constantly late, they’d be booted pretty quickly.
  5. I agree. Personally, I think the method of testing for the definitions, the verbatim memorization of close to 100 multi sentence definitions and indications is ridiculous, and isn’t necessarily a true indication of how good someone will be at the job. They’re missing out on a lot of good people who got a word or two wrong here and there, or referred to a “locomotive” as an “engine”.
  6. Be patient. It took them about a month to reach out after the January open house to send invites for the S&D overview, which wasn’t until the middle of March.
  7. Just read everything carefully. It’s not hard, but can be tricky. Also, you probably won’t finish each part. I only finished 1 of 3 parts and still passed.
  8. I wore a suit to mine. If you get past the cognitive test and make it to an interview, it shows the interviewer that you cared enough about the job to dress up. I was shocked at how many people showed up in T Shirts and jeans.
  9. Honestly, call in sick. Do not ask to reschedule. It looks bad.
  10. The Locomotive Engineer Trainee was posted again today. I’m assuming that means there was a pretty high failure rate.
  11. Agreed. I’m pretty sure I crashed and burned.
  12. A guy I spoke to after the test was afraid he failed because he wrote advanced approach instead of advance approach, do they would probably consider it wrong for the speed limit sign too.
  13. I know that I had marked dashes on several definitions that they said would be wrong without them. For example, for “Marker” the emphasized it should be “Red-Orange-Amber” or it was wrong. Because of that, if the signal name has a dash in the book, I used a dash. I made my flash cards up that way. That said, I can’t say how they will grade it.
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