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  1. Does anyone know what the STARTING hourly rate for Bus maintenance supervisor for TA is? I was trying to find their contract on the TWU local 106 union but I got nothing. Would like to upgrade to this title in the near future but I'd rather not ask people what their salaries are at work (kinda rude). Edit: google said its $34.73, BUT that seems outdated??
  2. It's for Maintainer, but I want to purchase a property upstate, so it would be better to work in the bronx. Also can you explain what you mean by less paperwork? And isn't the benefits in O/A better, as in like medical coverage etc... and I think they get paid a more too. Sorry I'm a little new to this stuff.
  3. Hey guys, I'm TA, and was wondering if I wanted to get into the O/A how would I go about doing that? I heard from some friends I'd have to take another open competitive exam for my title (I don't wanna say) an do re-training all over again , instead of just requesting this to HR.
  4. Ah ok, hopefully I get called in within the next 6 months unless covid starts kicking up in nyc. I heard stories of people having to wait years to get called in but I guess they had a higher list #
  5. Obviously due to covid things are on hold, just curious if anyone has inside info on when the training school Zerega will start classes again? I got my test score in the mail (earlier this year) and not only did I pass but my list # is 1 for open competitive exam. I'd rather not say what test, but it is for TA Bus and I'm dying to start training. -Thanks
  6. Does any1 have any insight into what might be on this open competitive exam for mabstoa buses, based on exams taken in the past? I know in the application it gives you hints as to what might be on it, but does any1 have more insight?
  7. Hi all name is cloudforgiven, I just registered yesterday and got approved, when can I send messages to other users.

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