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  1. thanks for the replies. I realize this is a forum but really appreciate any/all comments and suggestions. I'm glad I'm the only one who thinks its stupid. The only way I can rationalize why anyone at MTA would approve this system is that they thought they could help reduce accidents. But they clearly live nowhere near a route that uses this technology. What does everyone else think? Anyone have any suggestions for people at the MTA I can talk to about this?
  2. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any insight into whether the implementation of the 'Talking Bus' technology is having any positive impact on public safety? http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/mta-buses-blare-alert-warn-pedestrians-article-1.2061529 I live on the M79 route on the upper west side and the noise impact along the route is significant. I've also spoken with several bus drivers who have said they don't have any control over how the technology works (ie they don't have a kill switch), and also they find it incredibly annoying as well. I read somewhere that the technology is supposed to recognize traffic flow and adjust volume accordingly. Not sure this is working, and also the signal is triggered without the bus even turning! By my observation, it is triggered when the bus enters back into traffic. If the system has been live since 2015, surely we should be able to determine whether it's having any measurable impact? And if not, then why not redirect these funds elsewhere? Also found it interesting that in Rhode Island lawmakers are trying to pass a bill to prohibit this noise polluting system. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/rhode-island/articles/2018-01-10/lawmaker-files-bill-to-restrict-noisy-bus-warning-system I've reached out the MTA and got a laughable response. I've also reached out Helen Rosenthal on the city council. Does anyone here have any other thoughts or suggestions?
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