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  1. @CarlosMQ what’s up? Have you heard anything back as of yet ? @MistaFISH how’s phase 2 going? Is it about the same amount of work as phase 1 ?
  2. @drenyce311 & @MistaFISH do you guys know when the next phase 1 is going to be held ?
  3. @CarlosMQ I’m on same step as you...going to keep up to date with the material
  4. Nicee! How was it ? What kind is questions were asked? And did they say when next class would be
  5. @MistaFISH congrats man! How was it m? Thought ya background had been done? @CarlosMQ you got the call for the panel interview ?
  6. What does the panel consist of? What kind of questions do they ask?
  7. When they called you they told you, you passed or just scheduled for the panel interview ?
  8. @CarlosMQ have you heard anything back yet
  9. Ok thanks that’s what I thought....for indications it was only about 3-5 I believe that was specified that they needed a dash, / or parentheses.....but I guess we’ll have to wait it out and see how it turns out.
  10. You never know man. U only needed 80% on the definition portion of the test. I know I’m asking again but During the overview I thought they said dashes really didn’t matter only for the ones we had to put a star by that was necessary?
  11. @MistaFISH when you took the S&D test did you add the “-“ for all the signals :ex slow-approach and so on? Also how’s phase 1 been going?
  12. @drenyce311 I thought background had been done? And as far as the test do they want commas placed exactly how the definition is or just the wording.
  13. @CarlosMQ you ready for test day? How’s the studying going ?
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