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  1. Are you working as a helper in third rail? You can always take the next exam for maintainer.
  2. Yup. I agree. The earlier you get there the better. Even if they tell you to come in at 8 AM or later, go to Livingston as early as possible because they will process you anyway. Best of luck guys!
  3. That is the first step on being hired to NYCT Congrats.
  4. Received a letter mid December to come in for “probable permanent position”. I went there with other guys and we were told that the letter was sent by mistake. Bummer.
  5. Congrats bro. Did you also receive a letter for the results on exam #7609 including your list number? Its definitely a Happy New Year for you. Im still waiting for mine letter for permanent position.
  6. Just received my list number today in the mail for exam #7609. I guess they finally decided to certify that test. Anyone else received their list number?
  7. There are two purposes for the SPA; the main purpose is, will you be able to be understood on how you communicate thus the reason why they are recording your responses on tape. Majority of the people applying for these jobs are immigrants. The test pretty much takes common sense to figure out the safety violations that they show on the pictures. You are not allowed to have any kind miscommunication if youre working on the tracks. You will learn more about this when you go to “Flagging school”.
  8. Hey guys, just to make this clear to everyone, the SPA test is like an OSHA test but you have to answer the questions verbally. You are right that its also tests your communication ability at the same time, so make sure that you give a clear and direct answer for each questions.
  9. You can take as many Civil Service exams as you want.
  10. You passed. That means you will be on the list. That’s all that matters.
  11. I got hired last November after the #7609 exam. Yes it was a resume/work experience hiring, but a seniority list was also established based on our work experience. That means each certificate, experience has an equivalent point. There was a big push on hiring because of the “Subway Action Plan”. Now on your question, I really dont know the answer on that one. What I can tell you though is, there is an ongoing promotion for helpers to go to Maintainer school. So, I would assume that those vacated helper positions has to be replaced.
  12. You have the status of “Provisional” once you get hired by TA. Even after passing the exam you will still have a provisional status for one year. After a year without any issues in your performance, then you will get your permanent status. To become a Signal Maintainer from being a Helper, you still have to PASS Signal Maintainer school. Promotion to be a Maintainer, or should I say, to be able to go to Maintainer School, is still based on your seniority. If you dont have that seniority to be on the list, you can always take a Signal Maintainer Exam whenever it becomes posted. Hope this
  13. You have to have a background as a machanic to be qualified a Car Inspector. Signals and Car Inspectors are an entirely different department. I know that they are promoting a lot of CI to RCI though, so maybe they running short of Car Inspectors, so it may actually happen.

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