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  1. Just asked him, yes he is no shoes lol
  2. Haha I didn’t want him working nights but he doesn’t like it so obviously don’t have a choice lol. Say hey to him in class, he’s a big tall guy, beard and dark hair, Rich is his name.
  3. He said he was up there today and he said he would never do it again.
  4. We originally thought it was 3, so when he said 6 I was like okay. His uncle retired from the MTA just last year and he originally said 6 to us then I read 3 somewhere on here. But when he got there they said 6. I think he likes it so far, except going up on structures, apparently that’s really for the true brave of heart, especially with a train passing.
  5. My boyfriend is currently in the class that started february 26th and he is in it for 6 weeks he said.
  6. Just curious which division you picked? What are the hours like for said division?
  7. Sorry if this has been asked, does anyone know if dark brown boots are allowed? I know they issue boots but he just got new ones that he has and are a lot more comfortable than the ones that are issued. And they said he doesn’t have to take them but no one was sure at Livingston if brown were allowed.
  8. Just want to let everyone know his experience for the medical today. He arrived around 7:20 due to train delays, waited until about 9:45 to do the hearing test, urine test and weight around 10:15. He then did blood pressure and ekg at 10:45. Eye test around 11. Saw doctor around 2pm. More paperwork, then fingerprints around 3:15, received all his new employee manuals and books at 3:35. Don’t know if this is the usual but can give you a semi idea of the day. Good luck to everyone!! I just know I can’t wait to start reading the books he has now, I like reading employee handbooks and such.
  9. My boyfriend was there too, today. Big guy, probably saw him around, lol. He was there until about 3:30-:345. He’ll be in the February 26th class with you! Congrats to you! And good luck to you noska! Hopefully it’ll go quick for you!
  10. Hi All, I just want to say how helpful you have all been in the process. I am not the applicant, that was my boyfriend. But I am not one to just sit around and wait for news, so I was constantly in the internet looking for any answers and I stumbled upon this forum. My boyfriend originally got a pre-employment letter back September 2017, he went in September 8th and the wait began after his drug test. The numbers didn’t match up so we just waited and waited in hopes. Nothing. We got his second pre-employment letter January 19th, and we thought they messed up that he was getting the same letter and paper work. So I took to the internet and found you, wish I had found you before that! So he was invited to go in on January 29th. The numbers when you call were finally high enough we thought good things were coming! And turns out we were right, he got his email today for the medical on February 6th! Class starts on February 26th. But thank you all for your questions and answers, I would have gone insane from the 19th till now without all these answers to our questions. His Uncle just retired from the MTA and we tried to use him for info on the whole process but he wasn’t much help! Then again he did this 35+ years ago! Can’t blame him! Much appreciated for all the insight! Good luck to all and let’s hope his medical goes well! His list number was in the 23xx’s.
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