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  1. I thought the mta made the Rockaway beach branch to decrease travel times.
  2. How long did it use to take for the lirr to get from Inwood to Penn Station through the Rockaway Beach Branch?
  3. Instead of waiting for an to Jay St - MetroTech to catch the , the would take you straight to Jay St - MetroTech.
  4. Very convenient for people going to Far Rockaway.
  5. When will more M9 railcars delivered?
  6. When should I expect the M9s on the Far Rockaway branch?
  7. "The M9 trainset is expected to operate on these same runs on Thursday."
  8. It says on the mta press release that the M9 is coming from Penn Station. What's it doing at Atlantic Terminal?
  9. My train passed the train at Canal St and that same train caught up at Chambers St.
  10. The catches up because of this. Why does this apply to the and but not the ?
  11. Why does the and move slowly between Canal St and Chambers St going downtown?
  12. I need to walk to the train Station at 3:15PM and walk back from the train station at 7PM.
  13. I need to commute from far Rockaway to Brooklyn by train to get to my psychiatrist appointment. The problem is that it will thunderstorm today. The commute includes a 20 minute walk to the train station. What do I do?

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