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  1. When would the Rockaway section be most likely to close?
  2. I want to go to work tomorrow. I feel like I had enough off days from the past nor'easters. I go to work in lower Manhattan at the WeWork building at 115 Broadway. I work Monday - Thursdays from 10:30AM-1:30PM. What risks will I go through if I go to work tomorrow. I have the annoying 20-minute walk to the train station and then I take the train to Fulton St.
  3. Amtrak suitcase symbol

    This is a long-distance train. From New York City to Miami, Florida.
  4. There's no way that it was an error on the conductor's part. There's a lot of crossovers between the local and express tracks and my train went express on the local tracks from Euclid Av to Hoyt Schermerhorn St. On 8th Av, it went the normal express on the express tracks.
  5. Yesterday, I was on the train from Far Rockaway - Mott Av to 42 St - Port Authority bus terminal. When the train got to Euclid Av, I was surprised to see it on the local track. I was more surprised to see it make express stops on the local track. Why did that happen and how was that possible that my train was not even stuck behind a train? Here is a video I took for proof:
  6. NYC subway graffiti

    Why does graffiti still exist in the NYC subway. I thought that they got rid of it.
  7. So am I finally going to hear at Fulton St station: "There is a Brooklyn-bound express train to Far Rockaway- Mott Av approaching the station. Please move away from the platform edge."?
  8. I want to buy a speedometer or get a speedometer app on my android phone to see how fast my, for example, train is going. Unfortunately, I only see GPS speedometers on the Google Play Store and only see GPS speedometers on Amazon. Is there any way I can buy a speedometer that doesn't use a GPS that I can crazy glue to my phone case?
  9. But the R42s are older than the R44s. How is it logical that the R44s had structural integrity issues and the R42s didn't?
  10. But the R42s are made out of the same exact material as the R44s (partial stainless steel and partial carbon steel). Why would the newer car have structural integrity issues and not the R42s?
  11. Why did they retire the R44s instead of the R42s?
  12. I'm not even close to getting married. I'm an autistic 21-year old.
  13. Why did they go from complete stainless steel in the R32s to partial stainless steel in the R38s-R44s? Why did they decide to go back to complete stainless steel in the R46s? Why is the R42s still in service if it has partial stainless steel?
  14. What should and shouldn't be in the random thoughts thread and what deserves its own thread? What I asked was a question and NOT a random thought being shared.
  15. Shouldn't only random thoughts be in the random thoughts thread? A question isn't a thought.


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