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  1. I remember asking my father a few years ago about why the train has low-tech trains and why the train had high-tech trains and my father said that my guess is that the train travels longer distances so they don't want to test new technologies on longer distance trains and that shorter distance trains are better to test new technologies on.
  2. The database is only getting better: *Link removed*
  3. There should be a one seat ride from Penn Station to Grand Central to make it easier to transfer from LIRR to Metro North. How about extending the shuttle.
  4. Are the M9s running on the LIRR today? I don't see any on mylirr.org? Thank you!
  5. Is the 3:43PM train from Grand Central to Wassaic peak or off-peak?
  6. But I want to know what the closest train station is for Stargazing.
  7. Do I need a college degree to work as a software developer at the ? If yes, which college degree?
  8. Light pollution masks out stars which makes it bad for stargazing.
  9. I want to make a database of all the LIRR employees including names, photos, audio recordings, and the days they work.
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