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  1. My elevators at my WeWork are very slow that I treat it like the subway. I do automated announcements saying things like "Ladies and gentleman, the next downtown elevator is now arriving. Please stand away from the platform edge." and, copying the announcer of the and , "This is a downtown local elevator the next stop is Floor 6." I even wrote a schedule for the elevators, put chairs in it, and lined up a row of chairs to make Floor 7 station.
  2. What! I love the M7s much better than the M3s. Headrests, something to hold on to while in the bathroom.
  3. First class on the subway is a good option for the to make more money and get out of the crisis.
  4. Good idea. I hate those 20 minute walks.
  5. Can you show me a picture of what the signal of which train goes first looks like?
  6. I wish I would have knew that the would have left first. I would have transferred over to the from the . At least I still made the LIRR within 5 minutes. Why didn't they announce which train was leaving first?
  7. I took the from 50 St to Atlantic Av-Barclays Center to take the LIRR home. When the got to 36 St, the was across the platform on the local track. The left first, then the came in and left followed by my train finally leaving 36 St. My train passed by the train express at 25 St but never passed by the . What was the doing on the local track? Does this usually happen?
  8. Why is the still being called the Broadway Local when it goes Express?
  9. The conductor usually collects tickets right when the train leaves Atlantic Terminal.
  10. I had to cancel my 4PM Psychologist appointment by Avenue M because of this. Too late. I already got on the LIRR to get home.
  11. Is the speed limit the same on the local and Express tracks?
  12. Why is the 7:49AM train from Far Rockaway going slowly when bypassing Valley Stream and Rosedale while the train on the Express track is going fast and already overtook my train?
  13. What channel do I put the radio scanner on? Can I use my phone as a radio scanner?

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