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  1. Extension for this list Exam and others most likely
  2. Yeah I can confirm this as well...I was at Rockaway station today saw a ARTIC in training doing A dry run on the b82 route
  3. A portion of Hylan blvd going To/from Richmond Ave is brutal right now, I see your point about rough streets...I was told UP gave the novas a try but they decided to go with the new flyers I just wish Staten Island did the same for the new flyers
  4. For example Manhattanville. SI getting new buses I’m not aware of but I’m pretty sure they reaching that point where them Orion’s out of Castleton need to be put down I was just wishful thinking SI with a fleet of new flyers in every single depot (Of course not Meredith depot) would be awesome
  5. Mainly the design of how many passengers can fit on the bus I feel that little section behind the driver should not Have that one seater but instead made it a standing section, Oh and let’s not talk about how the mirrors are poorly mounted On the bus to see your reference point...maybe it’s just me or I’m just a new flyer lover since I been driving those since I was in Atlanta
  6. Can someone explain to me why Staten Island is the only depots with no new flyers? The novas are so bad... the guys and me were cracking jokes during the train shuttle, you know when it’s a SI bus when you see a nova
  7. Hey guys Can a O/A BO attend a TA union meeting and vice versa and if so do they still have the rights (like voting?) I’m just asking because on the union website the calendar shows two separate dates monthly for meetings for O/A & T/A BO’s I figure since the dates are posted like that ,they want the respected authorities to attend their meeting dates. I’m a O/A BO who works out of a TA DEPOT (ULMER PARK) I attend the OA MEETINGS Monthly But today I was thinking of attending the TA Meeting just to get a update on contract talks
  8. To piggy back on what Natalie said it best you get your CDL license now it will be less stress on you and you won’t be rushed.....if you go in with just your permit you will have to worry about passing your 10 day training (which is really a pain) then if you do pass the 10 day training you now have to pass the road test..if you were to fail the road test (I believe you get two chances) your disqualify from MTA...as to if you get your CDL on your own time you can take the road test and not have to worry about passing or failing on the first try
  9. Yes they do have a pension plan...Long story short T.A can work in any depot o.A can only work in manhattan Bronx Brooklyn so if you wanna work in queens or Staten go with the TA
  10. Seven eleven! My guy! How you man I’m this close to coming to Staten Island to your depot..but yeah that’s the thing no rep here at my depot (M-ville) know for sure how it goes one told me I have to start over another told me I just sign separation papers from O/a to t/a and go on with my day I was looking for threads on this but can not find one
  11. @DrewMania @+Young+ maybe you guys know this question or know the thread to DIrect me too requarding the process and steps in separating from O/A and becoming T/A I Keep hearing conflicting situations I just want to know do I have to wait like a Pre hire or once my list number is establish I can file my separation papers at 180?
  12. What depot you out of? Is it quill because when I went to pick that depot was close and the vets was like yeah they close because everybody jump ship and picked out to quill for the L shuttle! Lol
  13. I’m not sure who ask the question about taking the boss test again for mabstoa but yes you do O/A and T/A B/O ARE from different factions under MTA
  14. QUESTION 43!!!! I memorize that question and I will be down at 180 to protest in JAN.
  15. Months start counting from the date you was found guilty...what kind of ticket was it? One ticket should not get you denied unless you already had one then 4 points on your license
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