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  1. They got rid of her because she was failing everybody
  2. NiSeveneleven yes that's just a way D.M.V does it until you pass your road test and let me just say I just went thru this whole process with the training I had only a cdl permit never drove a bus a day in my life did the training qualified in day seven mind you this is someone that never ever drove a bus went to eastchester to start training for my road test took about 2 weeks after I qualified on day seven and let me just say them guys will prepare you with the tools to pass this road test trust me it's up to you to pay attention and listen the two superintendents Frank and Larry are good trust me so I took my road test on September 5 and I passed the first try so I am driving nowout of Grand Ave depot just take everything they tell you and keep it when you taking your road test and you will be fine
  3. I gave them my gmail account so when I did recieve the email it came straight did not go to spam folder so just be patient they will contact you
  4. eRod701 I also went on July 10th did Pre-employment upon completion of the urine that same day I was told these words as you I got a email back that Thursday to come in for medical I was medically cleared and i will be starting on Monday the 6 of August just be patient they will get to you I know your excited as we all do get when we first got that letter in the mail but they will get to you trust me
  5. Yes make sure you take care of the ticket first because once you start the process and they run your drivers license they will tell you straight up you have to take care of the tickets and it sure will push the hiring process back
  6. Got letter yesterday to report to Livingston on the July 10 off the topic I did medical and everything when I got cleared was told they was no classes at the moment my question is will i have to do the whole hiring process over again it's not 90 days yet so if anyone can give me a answer would be greatly appreciated
  7. I was told there is no jobs available at this time that was from Ms.Chestnut yes i did medical got cleared went to station 3 to be told my name was off the list had to go back down to dcas to reinstate it
  8. I was told there is no jobs available at this time that was from Ms.Chestnut yes i did medical got cleared went to station 3 to be told my name was off the list had to go back down to dcas to reinstate it back on the list and it for T.A exam 4600 so I was told again from Ms.Chestnut you have to wait until we get in contact with you
  9. I was told from Ms.Chestnut there is nothing available rite now I did medical and everything was just waiting for a training date so called her today and was told it's a hold on 4600 bus operator so ladies and gentlemen we just got to wait T.A did a lot of hiring bus operators
  10. Good afternoon I need some info if anyone can help will be greatly appreciated so I went to 180 Livingston st for pre employment did medical and everything got cleared for bus operator exam #4600 when I go up to the front to hand in my paperwork from the booklet that they give you to fill out I was told I was removed from the list asked why was told they cam not find my name or social on file was told to go back to 1 centre st to put my name back on the list after 5/28/18 so I go today to be told my name is still on the list went back to 180 Livingston st to speak to Ms.Chestnut she was not available not surprising but any advice on what should I do next would be greatful
  11. Getchanosediirtyy4ft just responding to your question yes I got a email on Friday march 30 to go back down for medical on Thursday April 5 So yes just continue to check your email good luck everyone
  12. Thanks SevenEleven I appricate the info just want to get the call and start this process yesterday was a very long day as well in 180 to do pre employment application and drug test good luck to everyone who was in there yesterday 3/20/18
  13. Went in 3/20/18 for exam number 4600 bus operator did drug test was told i should hear something from them via call or email btw 3 to 90 days my question is does it take that long from the to take up to 90 days to get in contact with you for medical and 4600 is for T.A its not O.A a few people asked yesterday
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