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  1. For the April class they called the first 400 people on the list
  2. I think it’s because a lot of people are failing drug tests, or being put on medical hold but I remember earlier in the forum they people in the first class was mentioning only 64 people will be in that class
  3. Also you say they give you any schedule can you say hey I’m unavailable Wednesday mornings, will they accommodate that and work around your schedule or will they just give you any schedule and open availability mandatory?
  4. List definitely moving, close friend texted me today she got her pre employment letter she’s early 1500s just 1,000 more people in front of me
  5. I would beg to differ because if you look on this website that was provided earlier on this post: https://data.cityofnewyork.us/widgets/pjqi-8psc Just looking at their hiring frequency due to the vacancies they had to fill: March 2017 = 400 May 2017 = 300 August = 1,000 October = 500 March 2018 = 200 (they started our list here) all we can do is hope that it is somewhat the same pace for 2018 and we'll be called sooner than expected!
  6. Darn I was hoping it was just Monday - Friday anytime and then I could just take Weekend/online classes so I can avoid deferring when they get up to me
  7. Good luck to everyone starting school car/training tomorrow. Quick Question: is it just Monday - Friday, or do they schedule any day, any time and you can’t select your availability cuz you’re a newbie?
  8. I got the same frustration lol both my friend and I scored 96.25 but she’s list number 1,5xx and I’m list number 2,500s 🙄
  9. Based off last years hiring frequency: March: they had 200 vacancies May: they had 200 vancancies again August: they had 1,000 vacancies (That’s all I remembered because fingers crossed it goes the same way for this year, I should be getting a call by around august lol)
  10. That’s weird cuz I’m 25xx and I took OPA in November
  11. What was the reason for the hold if it’s not too personal?
  12. Some people also felt they were skipped or they received their letter after the appointment date ... I’d say give them a call or walk in they might just give you the paper work right then and there like previous members from the forum
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