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  1. CrazyD

    MNRR Carman Wreck Crew

    Yeah I did. That one was completed when I was on the same vendors website to do this one, no confirmation e-mail at all for it. Have you heard any news regarding that position?
  2. CrazyD

    MNRR Carman Wreck Crew

    Successfully passed this test. Now i'm on to the background check. How long does it take? Will I get a notification of it being complete? If anyone know's the answer's please let me know, in the meantime I will continue to post here until the process is complete whether I am hired or not that way anyone in the future can prepare themselves for what's ahead.
  3. CrazyD

    MNRR Ironworker

    Does anybody have any insight on this test and position in general? I know basic tool knowledge, welding, etc. Just want to keep a lookout for any surprises on this if there are any. I was also told in the interview, they make you use oxy-acetylene to cut some steel which is fine as well.
  4. How did the test go? My test lasted after yours started.
  5. CrazyD

    MNRR Carman Wreck Crew

    Today's test wasn't too difficult. Much easier than the machinist testing. Know your tools and be good at math my only advice to everyone who takes it.
  6. CrazyD

    Passed Prescreening

    I hear you 100% on all of that. Takes awhile to receive communication. Take it from everyone on this board. Sometimes it is quick, other times really slow. The MTA is going through a hiring freeze due to financial restructure at least for the metro north I hear. I wish you the best of luck. Also, keep this in mind you are competing with many people in the tri-state area. Alot of people desire a career with the MTA, cherish the job once you get in. It will suck at first based on what others say and depending on your job title, but if you can tough it out you will reap the benefits and the satisfaction of being in the biggest transportation agency in the US. To me mass transit is a really cool thing, so I hope it will be a fantastic career when I get the chance to be in. I'm in the same boat as others here, we passed a test in GCT awaiting confirmation of a drug test and interview. Hopefully we make it.
  7. CrazyD

    Passed Prescreening

    You're in the right direction. Keep trying, but do not apply more than once to the same position unless it reopens. I was informed by admins or mods here that are higher up in the agency to NEVER EVER do that. There is a thread on this board about this topic I made not too long ago. It's more luck of the draw or in a waiting list we all have come to the conclusion on. Just keep trying and have faith. You passed prescreening so that's a good start.
  8. CrazyD

    Hiring Freeze In the Metro North

    The next board meeting for the MNRR is January 22nd. I doubt anything changed much as far as the hiring freeze or financial standings but one can dream right? Hopefully we all hear good news, they also stated there is one once a month. If we are in a pool like truckie say's then patience is what we all need. Good luck to anyone taking test's in the near future as well for other positions such as trades, engineering, etc.
  9. CrazyD

    Hiring Freeze In the Metro North

    That's my question. I was invited to test's for the MNRR. Why would they do that if they aren't hiring, including the cleaner test everyone else mentioned on here.
  10. I do not know how the city exam works. I took the machinist test, and it really test your knowledge in the trade itself with an additional mechanical aptitude test along with tool identification (example; picture of a tool must answer proper name for shown tool). Also, basic math in the trades with reading and comprehension. I imagine the HVAC test will be the same and really in depth into the trade, basically meaning you must know your trade. I don't doubt you can do it, especially if you're in school for it and work a job in the field. I wish you good luck and hopefully someone can better answer your questions more than me.
  11. CrazyD

    Metro North testing

    Definitely possible, same here. I'll keep everyone posted, I've been on these forums on and off for awhile now.
  12. CrazyD

    Metro North testing

    Patience, it's all we need. I have experience with big places like this and their hiring process and it does take time. I wish you good luck as well. I spoke to one guy in there who was pretty loud saying his buddy was a cleaner in poughkeepsie, his advice to him was study a lysol can but I feel like you didn't even need to do that lol. Sounded like a good job the way he described it.
  13. CrazyD

    Metro North testing

    there was 18 of us all together. I didnt have any notifications so im assuming my background check is done as well. Via another thread take a look there. There may be a hiring freeze. I also have testing for another position as well. After hearing that there may be a freeze, i'm definitely going to keep trying until my foot is finally in the door.
  14. CrazyD

    Metro North testing

    No I did not. I was also in the back on the left side. Background check still going theough I guess.
  15. I was wondering if anybody could shed some light on what to expect on the test for this position, it's with the MNRR.


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