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  1. I hope so to... Only time will tell.
  2. I think we may hear something in the next 2 weeks if you really are the last interview.
  3. It has been a month now. Honestly unsure of what to do. I have read other post's on the board to wait awhile, some right away. I don't want to sound annoying or desperate, but I do want to show I desire a career with the MTA.
  4. I'm in putnam county. Where did you hear that from? It sounds accurate. I think people are going to start being called in soon if they are chosen for medical and drug test in that case.
  5. Congratulations! That's great no other testing then. As long as your bg check goes good, interview, you will be ok. I interviewed in mid february and haven't heard anything yet so you may take awhile to hear something possibly. Thinklikeamango is still interviewing for the position as well. I feel we will be hired in as a group like alot of the others say usually happens on the forum.
  6. If you applied prior to november of last year or december AKA us, I believe we are safe from the freeze since they needed to hire us in the first place. If you noticed, the careers site has been prety dry. I think april and may are the next classes of people regardless of the craft. I also read september for some as well. Btw congrats on passing the test. Next step is your BG check, then interview. You might need another hands on test before the interview since it is a more skilled position. I had a hands on test after my written one for carman.
  7. I think you might be the last interview. After that then the medical I believe.
  8. Is a follow up recommended? Should I just leave it alone until confirmation of accepted or declined?
  9. Good luck. They did the same time frame for me. I don't think anyone will be called in for the medical until all interviews for those who made it are conducted and over with.
  10. When is it? I wonder if everyone who tested and passed will be hired. I'm sure we are the last class before they hire more. I haven't seen this job open up at all. Let's be grateful if we both get it. I already am grateful for how far I have made it already. Glad to hear you got your e-mail. We might be hired at the same time if we are both hired.
  11. Well, I failed the test. They have no mercy and I did not mention the other requirement. I tried to assemble it back together as quick as I could and I did not get one bolt fastened tight enough within the time limit. All bolts must be fastened very tight. The next step is a 3G AWS arc welding test and then an interview. I hope this helps anyone else who is pursuing this position. Good luck! If anybody is truly mechanically inclined and has years of experience I have no doubt they are qualified. I happen to be still a bit green, I gave it my best shot and that's all that matters. I feel if I had only 10 more minutes I would have got it lol which is also why i say I'm still green.
  12. Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed. I won't disclose the main point's for my own possible job security. It was very in depth, like I said before they don't want just anybody. The interview will make you realize the kind of job you signed up for and how serious the MTA actually is, more than one would expect even for a cleaner. Like I said, they want the best of the best it seems and certain correct response's. Put it this way it's not your average factory, trades, union, or tech firm interview. It was the most professional interview I have ever sat in. On a side note having any of those other one's listed in your past for an interview will help as they asked a few similar questions. They also send you an interview preparation attachment with the interview confirmation e-mail, which definitely helps but still is a challenge when you finally get there. I'm not saying this to intimidate anybody, but it's just my opinion based on my own experience. Good luck again.
  13. Well, it wasn't a motor. It was 2 pieces of sheet metal connected by bolts and spacers. Overall, wasn't that bad I assembled and disassembled within the time limit of 70 minutes. Next step they said is an AWS vertical stick welding test.
  14. Ik i'm keeping my fingers crossed. I believe you will get called man. When is the question keep an eye on the e-mail brother.

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