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  1. Sorry to hear that frank... It seems like what everyone is saying is true though. No news is good news. You got a denial right away and haven't had one for the custodian position.
  2. Ok thank you roadster I will keep an eye out. Yeah me, frank, and thinklikeamango have not heard anything since our interviews. That step is before the medical and drug test?
  3. Thanks for the info roadster! Did you hear that from the last board meeting? Seems like it has been a long time now. I spoke to some MNRR employee's a couple months ago at GCT saying alot of retirements going on within the agency this year.
  4. Me as well. They dig DEEP lol.
  5. It's off the books so i'm unsure. Everyone here says to DISCLOSE EVERYTHING. I am unsure in that situation. I would imagine yes but have some sort of proof of it.
  6. Good luck on the interview frank! This may not be a major issue but the only big difference between the major railroads and NYCTA I believe is the pay frequency. I'm unsure of SIRTOA's benefits and pay. I have only applied to a few positions with them and no call backs. I've only had luck with metro north as far as interviews and testing.
  7. Same bro, applied in september of last year. It's a long process as long as we are employed by the MNRR at the end, that's what matters. I'm trying my best to have patience to.
  8. Any word from the board meeting regarding the freeze?
  9. Good stuff, congrats on your new career. Let us know how trackworker is, I heard it can be tough but still pretty cool.
  10. No problem. I just wish there was no freeze at all, sadly we are non essential functions as a custodian. I wish you good luck if you get called in september. Go get it man.
  11. That is an essential job. I don't think custodians are essential.
  12. Freeze I believe is still on. NYCTA's contract is up on may 15th and the next board meeting for metro north is may 22nd. We may hear something then? It's a waiting game and there is no telling how long sadly...
  13. Oh wow, that may have been the case then. I feel honored to have made it as far as I did then. I did not know they go beyond MNRR's territory either.
  14. I have tested for quite a few more, however I did not pass them all. Farthest I made it was close to an interview for carman wreck crew. Either I was too green or I believe an internal candidate got it over me, which is fair and fine. The position said filled after my hands on test the following couple days later and I still needed to pass a weld test which takes another week to do I believe. Based on what gacerra said, it takes awhile to start if you are chosen. He has to wait 5 months.
  15. It's possible, no clue all we can go by is speculation. They are doing an electrical skilled trades fair at GCT soon that's all I do know.

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