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  1. This was last november. Interview was earlier this year. We applied for a GCT custodian.
  2. Custodian as well. Me and thinklikeamango took the first written test together, and now we are both taking the PAT as well.
  3. Thats great news, so as long as the boot is close to spec they don't mind? My old workboots are all oil covered and beat up i'm going to need new ones as well for my PAT to.
  4. Yes, we weren't pursuing a trades job. It's a custodian job or non essential function which was part of the hiring freeze. My guess is we are waiting on retirements or something. I'm trying not to limit myself and keep applying for trades jobs I qualify for and other essential openings as well. I talked to a conductor who said don't rely on the one and just keep applying. I took his advice needless to say.
  5. Me and another forum member interviewed in february and march of this year. No conditional offer as of yet. I suppose keep waiting it out?
  6. I heard it was to effect only non union administrative jobs.
  7. How much longer did you have to wait after the initial background check and interview to get the criminal one? I heard they have you disclose past drug test's from employers as well.
  8. Will these layoffs apply to the railroads in terms of non essential jobs anyone think?
  9. With the announcement of possibly 1900-2700 layoffs, is it safe to say we have no shot now as far as the non essential positions are concerned? Is nothing set in stone yet as far as the reorganization plan?
  10. Sorry to hear that frank... It seems like what everyone is saying is true though. No news is good news. You got a denial right away and haven't had one for the custodian position.
  11. Ok thank you roadster I will keep an eye out. Yeah me, frank, and thinklikeamango have not heard anything since our interviews. That step is before the medical and drug test?
  12. Thanks for the info roadster! Did you hear that from the last board meeting? Seems like it has been a long time now. I spoke to some MNRR employee's a couple months ago at GCT saying alot of retirements going on within the agency this year.
  13. It's off the books so i'm unsure. Everyone here says to DISCLOSE EVERYTHING. I am unsure in that situation. I would imagine yes but have some sort of proof of it.
  14. Good luck on the interview frank! This may not be a major issue but the only big difference between the major railroads and NYCTA I believe is the pay frequency. I'm unsure of SIRTOA's benefits and pay. I have only applied to a few positions with them and no call backs. I've only had luck with metro north as far as interviews and testing.
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