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  1. Nothing going on with schoolcar for a while. Almost guaranteed past Summer a minimum. I'd say more but nipa and ren are taking it upon themselves to attack others sharing info like once you're out on your own. So I won't. Sorry folks. Good luck.
  2. Now the bad news for those waiting: I 'DID' ask when the class was, and the response was "there isn't one. I don't know when the next class is". I might have been told that to get me to not ask for a wait, but I don't know. Sorry folks
  3. I'm in for Jan. 6. They scrambled to fill in the class at the last second; I wasn't the only one put through the process this quick.
  4. That I'm going. This is so ironic that I swear God is at work. See, I'm getting laid off on the 3rd. I knew from all the info posted here that I would be called early this year so it didn't matter to me; I had plans to quit on the 26th anyway and give them 2 weeks but they gave me 1 month notice beating me out. Oh well, this way they're paying out my PTOs and giving me severance. However, I had planned on taking a month off from work (first time in 15 years), but looks like that's not happening? Haha
  5. And now a phonecall to confirm... ah to be loved lol!
  6. Looks like I'm squeezing in Jan 6th by some miracle. Got medical email today to be in TOMORROW. Haha
  7. Way too soon to know, but 2+ years for each is almost a certainty.
  8. I'm hoping the reason they're hitting me with this almost no notice P/E is because they're bringing me in soon. Typed up on the 20th, received on the 23rd, for the 26th. Hasty
  9. Eh I already filled it out. I remembered that I made a copy of the previous paperwork so it was just a simple matter of copying the info over
  10. I actually hope not lol but I will if they say to
  11. high 1800s. Looks like I might be in Feb/March class.
  12. Received a letter today for my 2nd P/E on the 26th. Ugh, practically no advance notice. Anyways, is there anything different the 2nd time in? Especially, do I have to fill out this damn packet AGAIN? lol
  13. Ok so you are ahead of me. I'm surprised they waited so long for a 2nd PE; they're only good for 3 months I thought, and it's been 6. You get your medical email yet?
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