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  1. I know the feeling about an eternity; the email is taking forever! Haha
  2. You need to call back and listen on. You get more info.
  3. Call the automated info; it was just updated today 212-669-1357
  4. Up to 1764 has been appointed as of today! This list moved up over 400 people! So excited that I'm just over 100 away and will be called soon!!!
  5. Anyone have some updated info on the #'s they're up to? The automated info still says 1320 but people past that have been hired; it's been the same for months. Some more accurate info would be appreciated.
  6. I had actually saw that and was being hopeful it wasn't so, lol. Thanks Now, if you're one of the ones being disregarded, would they even bring you in for the processing, only to tell you later, no?
  7. 2 questions. 1. Is it a verifiable FACT that this list is subject to the 1 in 3 rule? 2. If they are doing it, would they even bother to bring you in for the pre employment if they decided to disregard you under the rule? I personally feel that that would be a complete waste of time for everyone involved, but hey you never know.
  8. They're bringing people in, but the newest list has over 31,000 people and expires in 2022. Don't put off any job opps; it's going to be a while for the next exam.
  9. Nice, thanks. They don't ask questions? Any interview I've gone too is usually a bit more elaborate than that. Now to just get an idea for how long the process has taken people.
  10. I too was recently at pre-employment. Dows anyone recall approximately how long it took them from first visit to being sworn in? Also, I was expecting an interview; when does that happen during the process? Though I'm more interested in people's length of time to being officially hired. Thanks
  11. It means you need to be able to walk alongside elevated track.
  12. So despite them being up to 1320 hired, sending paperwork to the 1600s, you still think it'll be 2 years from now??
  13. 2 YEARS? You really think it'll take that long? I'm 18## and hope you're very wrong
  14. So what's the biggest reported number that been called for medical so far?

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