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  1. I have 4 months on the job with 3 Ava's and 16 hours OTO Thanks for the info about picking into another depot, i also feel it makes sense to stay where you started until you finish up on Probation
  2. Question about General Pick & Vacation , I go for General Pick in December and I have some questions. If a Staten island Depot is available can I pick out to there if im OA or is that only for TA? Also is this the time to put in for vacation for next year? how and when will you know if you get approved? Is it recommended to pick out of your depot if your still on probation?
  3. thanks , thos days eligible would they include RDOS or i can combine them?
  4. Question here on vacation, I am on probation 2 months in and i want to know when i would be able to be eligible for vacation ? i have started to accrual some time with AVA and OTO so im wondering when i can submit vacation and if it will affect my probation meaning extended it . Looking to go away after I make one year july 2019 so it will be august but curious to how this works
  5. I start training 7/9 and have a question about the proper attire. Is it mandatory to wear long sleeves? or can you where short sleeves? I am assuming they want light blue collard button downs correct similar ? want to make sure i go in with the correct uniform. Also what are recommendations about getting to Zerega, coming from SI and it would take me about 2 hours in train as opposed to driving it would be an hour. is Parking tough there?
  6. Does anyone have information as to once you pass training do you work weekends nights etc right from start?
  7. i was there as well on 12th but didnt get drug test till about 2:00pm.
  8. when did you go for the recall? i was there yesterday took drug test and they told me they would be in touch within 3-90 days
  9. my neck circumference was 18" so they sent me for sleep study turns out I had mild sleep apnea, they gave me machine and i have given them 2 months of compliance reports and they took me off hold. in May and just call me back in. WOuld i have to re do medical again ?
  10. if we are being called for drug testing and employment would that mean there for sure hiring again? I was on medical hold in March got released in April and they just called last week for me to go to do drug test and employment. what would next steps be
  11. I just received a call to go down June 12th to medical and drug test again now that i am off medical hold.
  12. What did they tell you when you called monday?
  13. They told me this last week when i went in and was cleared for medical.
  14. Does anyone know when they will start calling again off the list? I had everything good to go an was told no positions available.
  15. was just taken off medical hold and told that all classes were filled. Has anyone else heard this?
  16. was placed on Medical Hold because Neck circumference 18" Have to go for sleep study anyone have this happen to them? does anyone one when next class is i hope i dont loos this opportunity
  17. Question will having moderate sleep apnea disqualify me at medical ?
  18. Thanks for all the information. much appreciated. are there any depots in BK covered for OA?
  19. how would i know if i was called for full time or part time? since i already pass drug test and just got called to go back for medical they haven't mentioned weather full or part time. Exam 4105 List number 51XX
  20. can you tell me what the medical consisted of and how long you were there? did they tell you right then if you passed?
  21. @mtawife this is a Union position correct? i am just being called for medical and i am curios to know when i find out about benefits vacation other depots etc.
  22. question does anyone know what the benefits are with the position and if you are able to change depots in different boroughs like Brooklyn queens Staten Island Etc...

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