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  1. I only got one paper check, the following check went to my direct deposit. Set up your online mta account and you can see it on the Tuesday ahead of payday on Thursday
  2. Hi there and I wish you luck, I've been working as a S/A for about 3 weeks so far and it's a learning experience but it also has a lot of fun moments. I worked with children as a group leader and also as a tour guide at a museum that is now closed. I never had cash handling experience but I've learned while working in the booth and during training and now I'm not afraid of it anymore, I just take my time as I go into it. I honestly feel that retail experience and cash handling should be enough for you to get hired. They will ask for your entire life history going in but honestly working with people hands on and with money is a good and primary skill being a s/a, so I think you should be ok. Just take the exam because you won't regret at least getting your name on that list.
  3. I took over the booth with supervision today and yesterday and it's not horrible but don't forget we are still new and haven't hit the plateau of troublesome customers and stress just yet lol I've come across one or two situations that were annoying so far, but as of Friday of this week I'm in the booth alone and my training is done. Just listen to the advice that's given to you by the supervisors and also the trainers during your training and make sure your money is right at the end of your tour. Also, don't let the customers get to you because they will....and oh...they will....
  4. We had 22 in our class. 21 after one left.
  5. Not yet. They said maybe it will be established soon since the test results for everyone are expiring but I never got a score and I'm in the class right now. Don't worry it should be put together by the time the year is out.
  6. I don't think it has been yet. I got my letter with my list number but never got results so I feel like they are just calling people as needed.
  7. Also, does anyone know how the shifts are set up? The hubby is a conductor and told me their shifts are AM which is 6am-2pm and PM are 2pm-10pm, Nights are 10pm to 6am...I know we probably won't get to pick straight away after training anyway but I'm curious to know if station agents have the same time shifts also.
  8. I'm 28 and was getting nervous about where my life was going a bit, I'm in school but next semester my financial aid was done and I was dreading working a lame part time and going to school part time....And i got the email Tuesday and I'm so grateful. I'm definitely going to enjoy the relaxation because I'm there from 7am to 3pm lol congratulations to you too, I hope its been going well lol no stress
  9. Thank you!! I'm excited and nervous to start lol
  10. Officially sworn in as of today and starting May 14th. 🙌🏼🙌🏼
  11. omg congrats lol please send luck my way too!!
  12. WLol I would love to get called for the may class just so I can finish out my college semester but I'm so ready just to get started and have something better happen in my life...I don't have much else going on lol
  13. Lol maybe I need to call for whiz quiz number 2 if anything lol
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