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  1. Any advice during line training? I chose ulmer park depot. Pleaseee tell me good things about it
  2. We did day 7 in the lower east side. I though the route was easier compare to the other days
  3. I passed on day 7! Can mabstoa operators work in any brooklyn depot?
  4. You're absolutely right! I have to cover my right side more often. My other question is, on qualification day are we doing everything we have learned the days before? For example, parallel parking, hook turns, servicing bus stops?? Since I have my cdl I dont have to take road test my, my instructor told me to focus on what we have learned thus far. Also, what gets you disqualified on day 7 besides the obvious getting charlie braked hitting the curb red lights, speed. Thanks for your reply
  5. Monday will be day 5 of training out of kingsbridge. The instructor tells me I'm doing well but I just have to cover my right side ASAP!. My questions is, how long do we drive on qualification day? Are we told right away if we passed or do we wait until the other drivers are done?
  6. I went for pre employment and drug test on 1/16. I was told I will be called for physical. Does anyone know how long is the wait for physical and possibly when is the next training class?? Thanks in advance
  7. Yes we are represented by local 813 which dont compare to TWU and the benefits are so so. I pay approximately 12 grand my my family of 3 people. Are you in the MTA already?
  8. Thank you for the valuable info. I have another question, I recently added my name back on MaBSTOA exam 4105. I have always wanted to be part of TWU and working for mta. But is the job really worth it? I am currently making 75k a year so I would be taking a pay cut. My question.. is being a bus operator for mta a good job? What are the pros and cons. Long term and short term
  9. Hello everyone, I just received the letter with my list number, but I dont ever remember taking this exam. I thought I took exam # 9618. Either way, my list number is pretty shitty its 3,0.. Is there a way that I can check if I did take exam 9618 or if I'm just confused?? Also, how long till they teach list number 3,0 and when does this exam expire?? Thanks in advance!
  10. Is there any other person I could call besides Ms.chesnut to add my name back on the list? I have called several times for a few days and no answer. Please advise on what I should do
  11. Has anyone heard anything of this exam? Any idea when the list is getting established?
  12. Would the new reorganization plan the MTA just approved affect hiring from these exams? What are your thoughts on the new plan?
  13. I just hope its not like the FDNY exam. I got a 96 and never heard back from them. Hopefully this list is established asap so I can find out what my score is.
  14. Let say a person gets a 90%. Will they get a call back? Or that's consider a low score?
  15. Is there any other way to find out my score besides the self check?? Are more points deducted if you get memory question wrong?
  16. I received a letter saying that all applicants must have their license for at least 3 years to be considered for the position. It also stated that this exam list is not expected to be established for 1 year.. that's basically telling me not to hold my breath to be called for this position
  17. Does anyone know when this test expires? Ms. chesnut told me to call them back in August when my accident disappears from my record. Would I still have time to put my name back on the list?
  18. Today was the second time I got turnt down!! This time because theres an accident that was reported in August of last year!! They told me to go back this coming August. Going through all of this is very discouraging and making me not want the position anymore. Is this position even that rewarding?? I would only be doing it for the pension and benefits because I would be taking a huge pay cut.
  19. Hey @Baron did they also do the medical exam today? I'm scheduled to go tomorrow but dont know what to expect.
  20. Just paid my outstanding ticket. And the other 2 tickets are older then 3 years. I have to report to 180 Livingston on the 19th. I hope everything goes well. Thank you for your reply
  21. If I have 8 points on my abstract from tickets that are older then 3 years and 1 pending ticket of 2 points, will I still be considered for the bus operator position?
  22. Has anyone heard when they will start hiring again? Apparently there is a slow hiring process since the L train line is not shutting down
  23. Is working for the staten island track worth it? Anyone knows how much they get paid? Are the benefits good? What are the cons and pros?
  24. If I put my name back on the list. Do you have an estimate of how long it will take for them to call me back?
  25. @Baron do you know how often a new class start?

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