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  1. Ah, I did try and look through the pages for it, guess I missed it, and thanks!
  2. 3523 did a run on the 100 & 103 today. Looks like SC is still short Edit: Still currently on the B103. Let's see if this will stay overnight or not
  3. You sure? A post I saw with pics said its with 6128 at OF, it was parked by 145 St earlier today
  4. 3772 is on the B100 now as a loaner. Been here for two days, 3573 is back at JFK
  5. Does anyone know if the M9's are still doing Midday testing?
  6. Well last time wasn’t there a bulletin that was sent out the day before about 3058-3065 being in revenue? So if anyone recieves that then we would know it officially goes into revenue
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