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  1. Does anyone have an update on this position? I'm a current track worker for New York City Transit in Manhattan looking to get this position in SI. Been stuck on passed prescreening for a while too.
  2. For the human resources day 1 orientation and TWU day 2 orientation do we wear regular street clothes? Or business casual?
  3. I failed the 10 day also in 2014 and they did my medical yesterday so I don't see why that would constitute you being rejected; as in matter of fact if that woman essentially insinuated that they are rejecting you for that reason you may want to get a lawyer involved. As for me even though I passed the medical exam and was about to be brought in for fingerprinting, they held me up because they need a disposition from something that didn't result in any arrest or any court appearance. (they originally told me it didn't need a disposition) They told me to get it ASAP but I'm so disillusioned with always nearly having a job at MTA that I'm not even sure.
  4. call her at like 9 am tomorrow---she usually picks up early in the morning. I notice that she doesn't pick up too much in the afternoon.
  5. How is training? Does anyone get let go during training like the 10 day stuff for bus operator? My apologies if this has been asked already.
  6. no what i meant is they called me saying they are doing medical exams/final processing to fill up the April 23rd class now. So I'm assuming after I'm sworn in that day I will find out where I have to go for day 1. The timing is excellent because it gives me pretty much a month to sever ties at my current employer, and move all my stuff from Orlando to New York.
  7. no, they called me. They called me on Wednesday to try and get me in for the April 2nd class, and then they called me on Friday to schedule me towards the April 23rd class.
  8. Got called for my medical exam and final processing for the April 23rd class next Friday.
  9. I passed on it also. Mine was an issue with some paperwork they need That's coming in the mail soon. I'm aiming for April 23rd class.
  10. Not unusual at all. I got like 3 or 4 letters and finally going tomorrow. List number 272*
  11. Does anybody know if you have to bring your high school diploma to the pre employment stuff?
  12. To clarify I have never been removed from the list. I was incorrectly told I was removed. But now with the class hiring people with numbers above me I will be removed, right? Regardless of whether I show up to pre employment or not on Monday?
  13. One more question. So when I'm taken off the list...then recertify myself...do I get removed again if I miss another hiring class?
  14. So is it safe to assume someone like me that would be just doing my pre employment paperwork/drug test on next week has zero shot of getting into 4/2 class?
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