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  1. No test to take. It’s all experience based and every so often they will evaluate. Union VP came by and explained.
  2. Guys That are coming to there permanent status, did you guys find out if you had to take an exam besides Exam application?
  3. Thanks G! How long is training? I chose Power btw!
  4. I was given option between power and signals. What is the difference?
  5. The number as in your list number? It was on the letter when they asked you to come in for pre employment drug test.
  6. That’s right I heard about that from another MTA employee. Think it was blowing into a machine for what 30 seconds? yea it was Devon Marks.
  7. No calls for me. Straight email and replied with a thank you. Name was sex neutral so I typed name said thank you and moved along.
  8. I got May 18. Let me know how it goes. Far as I understand it’s simple vision/hearing urine for diabeties bloodpressue ekg and they ask you to bend this way and that
  9. Just got email for medical next week. Considered for June 18 class it says if I pass medical. Best of luck to all.
  10. I’m in the late 3000s and got a letter for OPA. Best of luck to all.
  11. Went to assessment on the 14th. Took it not too confusing but very vague. best of luck guys.
  12. A friend of mine had taken the bus maintainer (assistant I believe) same process a couple years back minus the spa/OPA. After the initial welcoming interview, he took a drug test that day. But before that he had received a letter stating his rank number. Luckily he graduated from a vocational/technical school and was listed in the 100s. He mentioned it’ll be the same after the last interviews are done. Im taking the SPA April 14th and the track worker April 7th (exam). if April 14 is last then by end of April beginning of May is my guess letters will be mailed out. best of luck, hope to see you guys on the other side!! p.s. how hard is it getting a position for nights/weekends? very curious because that’s what I want.
  13. Anyone know when the last day of the SPA testing is? Just wondering, I would think that April would be last group of SPA interviews.
  14. The application is graded as an exam, I think SPA is the OPA for Conductors and SPA is for TEH position. I believe it’s more of a pass/fail thing. All depends on your application score creating a list and if you passed the SPA. I am only guessing, the only people who would know is the HR of the MTA and maybe the people that were hired. best of luck!
  15. Hey Good luck on that SPA! Let us know how it went. Hopefully we can meet later as employees lol.
  16. Hey guys I also applied for the transit electrical helper. My date came out on a Sunday in April. Anybody know what the spa questions are?
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