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  1. King Transit

    MTA Bus Operations: Deliveries, Moves & Transfers

    It's hard to imagine what it looks like. I know it may not be deacal scheme for this D60.
  2. King Transit

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    You remind me of last summer about me willing to sneek peak at the facility, which i didn't know it was illegal. Especially that I am an MTA worker, but that may cause the termination of my job. Even one of my YT subs, would report me to the MTA in order for me not to leak the surprise buses. Thanks for the advice though😉.
  3. King Transit

    Want A Take A Break??? Bus/Train Reviews.

    This is a re-do of my last 4800s review. I know many of you love these XD40s. Enjoy😉!!!
  4. King Transit

    February 1-3 in Brooklyn

    That's because the B1 is a tripper for Ulmer Park.
  5. King Transit

    February 1-3 in Brooklyn

    That's the diesel XD40 with the CNG type panel. Not CNG version of XD40s.
  6. King Transit

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Oh plz!!! As an Xcelsior fan, the combination in that 2014-15 XD40s batch are so much better for less pollution and it felt like a race car. I know many officials despise them due to how quiet they are. The 4800s combinations are excellent too, but some slight features I dislike(e.g. half pane rear doors). Yes, the 2 units out of the 4830s range you've mentioned are powerful, I rode them before. I still love the the recent XD40s(2018-19) alot better than 2011,2014-15 XD40s. They are so robotic in their performance. My very first unit of them I rode was #7623(FB unit, B46 +SBS) in May 23, 2018, it was amazing. In December 2018, I also have operated my first 2 recent XD40s(after they were just delivered in MJQ) which were #7573 and #7585. When I acelerated them, the speed was swift and fiesty as I wanted and each time I did that(I had them NIS) was around 7 - 8a.m. along 12th ave(Manhattan). With #1073, it should be the most popular unit with the XN60s. I already know the 2014-15 XD40s(my favorite Xcelsiors) are your wost favorites as you have mention in my topic..."Which buses of NYCT/MaBSTOA is more popular ?"
  7. King Transit

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Yep, I've been in that unit before. The last time was 01/26/19 and I knew it was the only unit to feature those Gen 2 Gemini seats(more complex than the XD40s seats).
  8. King Transit

    1981-1986 GMC RTSes Facts

    No, these 1998-99 series of RTS' did not feature alcoas back then/delivery time.
  9. King Transit

    Want A Take A Break??? Bus/Train Reviews.

    This review uploaded today on YT will bring you more memories of the best CNG buses from Brooklyn. How many of you guys miss these ? Youtube: King Auto & NYC Transit Flickr: Cedric Jean Louis
  10. King Transit

    Want A Take A Break??? Bus/Train Reviews.

    This my first YT review of 2019. This is displaying my most favorite D60HF(and the last D60HFs of NYCT). Feel free to watch this if this is your favorite bus. They are retiring quicklyy, so get your rides & medias in ASAP. The delivery of the newer LFSAS knocks out these classical D60HFs.
  11. King Transit

    Bus Routes That Like To Bunch

    I mean't to take out the SBS
  12. King Transit

    Bus Routes That Like To Bunch

    B6, B12, B17, B45, B46/+SBS, B47, B65, B82 LCL, M42, M50, etc.
  13. King Transit

    February 1-3 in Brooklyn

    The earlier 7000s were my most favorites since early 2016(before, I wasn't an Xcelsior fan because of the Orion VII NGs on the very top of my list). but when the 2018 XD40s came by, that's when it takes my attention away from the 2015 units. But, the 2015 XD40s are my most favorite non-cuomofied Xcelsiors(even the cuomo livery schemes don't count). The 4800s are the buses I also like, but they are my last favorites(not least favaorites) making me have the solutions with their rear doors I dislike, no unit numbers at the rear door standing area, and their destination signs are not as sexy as the 2015 units with the orange axion signages. But, #4899 s the best of that series due to the CNG ventilation in the rear to show the significance of an XN40 coming later since 2011(it already happened) . However, I glad it's Navistar engine was replaced because, it creates a distressful noise and doesn't meet the pollution status of the EPA(but it sounds awesome and quiet for a bus). I am also doing a redo of the 2011 and 2014-15 XD40s review on Youtube due to some practical edits I have to clean up and making the vid a bit trimmed. Subscribe to me @King Auto & NYC Transit on Youtube for those review that will upload later this moth.
  14. King Transit

    Want A Take A Break??? Bus/Train Reviews.

    This is also a review(uploaded on 12/09/18) to be poste here. This is where you guys count this bus as a best CNG bus. However, it's not because of it's growls increasing complaints which is why they are my least favorite. Subscribe(Youtube): King Auto & NYC Transit Flickr: Cedric Jean Louis


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