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  1. Speaking of "this fall", it should be either late August or September(especially when MJQ gets their XE60s to give back FB's XD60s). The B46 +SBS stops seemed to finish their rebuilts within 97% along the Utica to Malcolm X Blvd corridor. And we had #6103 tested along the B46 +SBS(depicted by Metro Railfan on YT), the day after B82 +SBS had #6138 clearance tested along that route. And speaking of "XE60", there was a NFI worker(Matt N) who commented on my XE60 demo vid saying that they are currently finishing up the process of building the XE60 lead unit for us in NYC.
  2. It is bad for any bus. I mean, the value of those gets ruined. It also increases intense cleaning out of a depot, plus the signs around the floors like "Watch Your Step" gets peeled or scrap faded. Even the electricity will get cut leading to break downs as by the lights on the floors like in the Xcelsiors that have lights either behind the seats even the driver seats(facing wheel wells) gets effected too.
  3. I was trying to make sure you're not wrong, not embarrass you
  4. I knew that before. But do you know what "AEB" stands for ?
  5. I am in Montrèal right now. But I will have to call my uncle, because I just got connected with ENY Depot 2 months ago
  6. Speaking of "charging ports", Quill was supposed to be getting 15 AEB ports this month, and it's the ending of July. Are there no ports yet ?
  7. There other ways, maybe we time traveled🤣🤣🤣
  8. Now this is a latest review of the first Novabus RTS' that was intoduced in 1995 serving us New Yorkers for 23 years. They were the RTS' that are memorable for the symbolisms of exotic power of hauling, air starters, and their revives to maintenance mishaps. This review is also created for a Youtuber's birthday today.... Recommending Sonic57053....
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