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  1. That pinned comment was taken down, another person commented as an edit, and it was pinned.
  2. By the way, MTA Bus Faner took down the pinned comment. Another one fixed the news.
  3. Go ahead tell them, I like that fact🙏👍😊. This also reminds me of RTS' fleets, like for example when it was 2010 or earlier, ENY(also most depots) still have most RTS' that are at least 10 years old. Since I immigrated to USA in 2007, I could already tell that most RTS' they had(past TMC & Novas) are at least 10 years old and I like it that way. So as of this year, I will always get used to the Next Gens at FB(unlike most fans and employees) because they are one of the best hybrids that used to be my most favs until the time I was turning 13 in early 2016(still like them today). But that's not the point, no matter how old the buses are, it makes me grateful that we have enough buses to make better service for us. Just like others protesting RTS' this year, I know it's boring but just get used to it you know. This is also why my Youtube channel is educative for transit fans, relating to "older buses here, still helps". Note: YT channel mark icon/hidden link under my forum name(new addition).
  4. This is now my second RTS review, more interesting than the 1999s review.
  5. I have made an XE60 news video that recommended his. I never put the change of fleet numbers in my video. This is the topic of ..."To be determined".
  6. This is my first depot review of 2019(ENY Depot was my last of 2018). It also my first CNG depot I've done and was recently uploaded last weekend(04/05/19)
  7. This is not my first depot review. My other depot reviews have a weakness. So, this is the first best one.
  8. Speaking of that, this is also why I'm still drawing the XE60 this week in cuomo version. I also wished to rear caps are off. Also, did it pull away from the depot today ? If not, I'll see about tommorow and days after.
  9. This was at Broadway Junct. before being sent to FB Depot
  10. I posted that in the transfer section too. I almost died on this bed, seeing this on discord first
  11. If not mentioned, there's an XE60 at FB depot. I almost died on this bed for that.
  12. I made a list from the highest amnt of RTS' to lowest amnt. IK what he's taliking about

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