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  1. Depends on your department. Main shifts are 8a-4p / 4p-12a / 12a-8a. They also have 6a-2p / 2p-10p / 10p-6a
  2. I met a guy who started working last year june and he became permanent once the list was official in Jan of this year and he came in like us just off experience.
  3. id rather work in manhattan or bronx honestly.
  4. I picked power today. what exactly do you do G?
  5. I'm in the 20s as well but I'm not too worried because not everyone goes in the same class. Some people get put on hold for tickets / medical so you could be in the 50s and still be in the first class if people get put on hold.
  6. A week or 2 but I think depending on the list number. I'm assuming they will fill up the classes with the lower numbers and work there way up from there. Once you go in for a medical they swear you in and give you a hire date from what I hear.
  7. i went in on the 3/25 and the letter says that will be done when I go in this week coming up
  8. I got a letter saying that they are considering for a position as an electrical helper and I have to go in next week to begin pre-employment processing.
  9. Did anyone else receive a letter in the mail today?
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