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  1. New South Ferry was most likely not an effort to recover from 9/11, it was built because the SF Loop only fit 5 cars and was very rushed-seeming in nature.
  2. I was wondering if it'd be feasible to connect SAS to Myrtle Ave south and north running on the tracks north of Broadway. This connects North and South Brooklyn, provides new service, and totally eliminates the / merge.
  3. Either way if you think about it LRT's not relevant to the expansion of our normal subway system.
  4. I would rearrange Lower Manhattan to have the serving Fulton Local. This can also be done with a second SAS Line.
  5. Here's my vision for the Second Avenue Subway: (U) Local Express (U) starts at Broadway-125 Street and runs on SAS to Hanover Square where it runs under a new tunnel to the Fulton Local tracks. (U) would run from Throgs Neck, Lafayette Ave, and SAS to Fulton Local as well. would run from Jamaica/179th Street to the 63rd tunnel and SAS Local, then to either Hanover Square or somewhere in Williamsburg. would run on a 3rd Avenue Line to Fordham Road or Co-op City Northern Queens would be serviced by an extension of the to Bell Blvd and the to Bayside and College Point. This idea could also be done using a Northern Blvd subway with the services.
  6. For Northern Queens: would be extended to LGA, College Point, and Bell Blvd with a extension to Clearview Expy. LRT would serve the Union Tpke, Kissena Blvd, and Northern Blvd corridors, provisions would be made at 86th or 57th Street.
  7. The problem is, you're hurting someone in some way either way- whether it be W'burg or QBL. You can't run the all on 4 tracks.
  8. "So how are we going to accomplish a Utica Line?" "yes."
  9. If a Fulton-Seaport and South Ferry station/connection are built on SAS, we can possibly leave Brooklyn SAS service to the long term. That being said, it is necessary, and if we were to do this, I would have service to Staten Island and Willamsburg. On the topic of light rail, I am very much on board with a Brooklyn Bridge and Kissena lines, and I think any LRT should be used as bus relief, not subway relief.
  10. I like the idea but Second Ave should maintain good connections with other routes.
  11. Here is how I would run Queens service: Extended to Rosedale Extended to Springfield Blvd Up Atlantic Ave super-express, then to Cambria Heights/Springfield Blvd via LIRR (this is because service is slow and Jamiaca needs a fast commute to Downtown Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan) (P) Via SAS and Bypass to Port Washington Extended to College Point QBL/Bway de-interlined (This takes away space from the Bypass and leaves the hanging at 57th, so I would not instantly do this) The can be placed on the Bypass to Rockaway Park, converting the to an express to Springfield Blvd and having the become the sole 15 tph local, this would fix the QBL merges and remove the need, although it is preferable, for 4 SAS tracks in the short term (the long term will of course include these) SIDE NOTE: The (P) at south end would run to Staten Island and the SI Mall. Just if anyone was wondering.
  12. So because NJ should wait until politics are solved, there should still be some way of getting to St. George, and I would probably link that to the SAS because most of the lines in in Brooklyn are at or near capacity, and Fulton is the only one really open. However putting trains except the there would lower capacity. will be extended to Rosedale. The is an uncommon but still floating idea to link to the PATH. However I don't exactly agree with it. The are not preferable to extend in S/E Queens because they are slow in getting to the Financial District, would be a better link. I guess the Astoria idea was used because any other way to make a Northern Queens Line would just necessitate another on the east or west. I wanted to provide SAS access for that part. The (P) can be used to Jamaica-179 or an LIE subway. The only local SAS Stations would be 34th, 23rd, Chatham, and maybe Seaport, but I'm not counting on it.
  13. New ideas: (P) on SAS (P) Express Local. from 125 Bway to Cambria Heights/Springfield Blvd via Atlantic Ave and Archer Ave (P) replace in Brooklyn, move to Willamsburg and the is restored, or the becomes the sole local on QBL. service replaces the in Astoria and the Astoria Line is extended to Bell Blvd/LIE. (P) service will run to The Rockaways via Bypass. extended in Queens, to NJ.

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