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  1. The best part about this change is that R160s are back on the ... Well not really
  2. I like this idea. North parts of Queens could be well served with light rail. Only a short extension and Astoria - LIE line would really be needed for heavy rail at this point in time and that can just be an / extension.
  3. I'd have this as a light rail and then after Flushing it would continue down Main St to Jamaica.
  4. Northern Queens Trunk Line The Northern Queens trunk line would be a northern counterpart to the Queens Boulevard Line. While that line would carry 8th and 6th Ave trains, the North Queens line would carry Broadway and Second Ave trains. Broadway trains would be extended past Astoria to LaGuardia and Mets Willets Point. (U) would go via 63rd Street and Sunnyside, then to Northern Blvd until Mets Willets Point. At this station the would take the local 2 tracks and (U) express until 162nd Street via Northern again where locals would terminate. (U) would then run to Clearview Expy.
  5. I have a similar plan with Fulton service replacing the Jamaica Line past Bway Junction, then branches to Utica Ave and a Metropolitan Ave extension to the LIE which would be the on utica and on LIE
  6. To effectively create expansion in Queens, there are a few corridors I'm interested in: Northern Blvd: Good relief for the , Astoria Line extension could be a more cost-effective option, and Port Washington Branch could be recaptured LIE: Effective for central Queens, very necessary Jewel Ave: could be a short QBL extension Union Tpke: Too close to but could connect with something else
  7. Seems you can tie in a regional rail to that involving NJT and MNRR.
  8. A complete plan for Queens expansion Northern Blvd could just be a 3-track extension of the or SAS. 3 tracks to Main St, 2 to Francis Lewis Blvd extension to Whitestone New light rail from Flushing/Main St - Sutphin Blvd SAS would replace in South Brooklyn rerouting them to Williamsburg. would run to Metropolitan Ave, would run to Broadway Junction would be extended from Metropolitan Ave to Utopia Pkway via LIE. North of the Bypass SAS would connect to it. extension to Rosedale extension to Springfield Blvd extension to LGA extension to Hollis Three tracks on all of Jamaica Line, so <J> service would replace the would run past Hanover Square to the Atlantic Branch and Jamaica
  9. Late repsonse but the next question here is how to properly tie SAS into it, and other service expansions.
  10. Wasn't there something the MTA did about a new line in Queens or something? There was an image IIRC?
  11. Agreed. Would it have been a good idea to leave QBL CBTC to a post- R46 time? Just leave the R32s to the and and we would be fine
  12. I don't think the ridership would be anywhere near high enough. I've been there and it's probably just best to take the
  13. Below 72nd it's 4 tracks. My Northern Blvd is basically your Astoria Blvd carrying the SAS services. My reasoning behind keeping SAS to Northern/79th is that an or (deinterlining) extension can be the Astoria Blvd service, just to Flushing. Gets you to Manhattan and the M60. Later on a shuttle between LaGuardia and 125/Lex can be constructed. Preferably an Airtrain. Northern Blvd is really the only corridor where maximum relief for the can be put into effect. Bypass probably isn't worth it if QBL gets CBTC + deinterlining + more accessible LIRR as someone said on the proposals thread. 100% on the to Throgs Neck. Could also be a light rail. LIE is another good corridor, potentially connecting to a South 4th Street Subway. I'll think about this. service is best used as a supplementary local on Northern, but it would probably not get high ridership so i'll cut it to Sunnyside so it can at least connect. will be the primary local.

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