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  1. Interesting idea having both and run down the line. Should only be one (the ) though. If they go along with the MX plan would be the best name for it.
  2. I have a simpler approach to the Jamaica situation- I'll have the el stay, but (as i previously stated) the section between Bway Junction and Crescent Street would be replaced with a three track el/subway along Jamaica Ave rather than Fulton Street. (P) replace service in Brooklyn by swapping the and in Brooklyn and moving to Williamsburg so that you can have a (P) <P> pair running on Brighton Line and the to Bay Ridge-101 St. The can run to Myrtle Ave and the will terminate at Broadway Junction at which point the , rerouted to Fulton Street, will have a transfer, and the will join the new subway and el to Merrick Blvd. This isn't exactly adding capacity-those plans are long term and I'll come up with some later.
  3. I was thinking that the 's route would be replaced by the routes, and the would only run rush hours Essex Street-Hollis, also this could be a rush hour extension of the . Future SAS service would go to Northern because the QBL plan takes out the possibility of a Queens Bypass service. I do think we should get a South Fourth Street Subway (different name should apply for the new service) with the , something on SAS, and the I will think of a routing later.
  4. I'm going with a light rail along Fordham Road. This would connect to all the major Bronx lines (except the but it will connect in Manhattan)
  5. @Jova42R are your line plans part of that map in your signature? Just curious.
  6. Here is an updated plan of mine showing what an SAS with 4 tracks should look like. - Second Ave Local, Express between 125-72nd. Fordham Road/3rd Ave to Bay Ridge via 3rd Avenue in the Bronx, SAS, Water Street or Nassau, Montague, 4th Avenue (U) - Second Ave Express, Bartow Ave/Bronx to Coney Island via 3rd Avenue, SAS, north side Manhattan Bridge tracks, Brighton Express Second Ave Local, 179th Street/Queens to Brighton Beach via Hillside Ave, Queens Blvd, Queens Bypass, SAS, north side Manhattan Bridge, Brighton Local Notes and other plans: will run to a 3 track Northern Blvd line (U) displace to Metropolitan Ave and Bway Junction respectively, and to West End. displaces to Fulton, will run to Hollis and to Euclid runs as a rush hour service between Essex and Jamaica plan for QBL, will run to RBB, splitting off at 63rd Drive. and will run the same routes so they might have to be integrated to an service, another option is that Lefferts runs can be while Far Rock runs can be Thoughts?
  7. I don't think the cons out weight the pros in this instance, Dekalb needs deinterlining one way or another.
  8. I've made a map in Brand New Subway showing some changes I would like made to the subway system. I placed the stations randomly so they might not be in ideal locations. https://www.mediafire.com/file/hna7o0pn1sctkcg/bns_saved_game_(1).json/file this link should work, if it doesn't then please let me know
  9. @JeremiahC99 because i won't quote your plan, I will just tag you to send a notification. I only have a few tweaks to make with your proposal. First off, I love the to Broadway Junction and to Hollis idea. Very interesting, and something I was thinking of before. Considering the added capacity of QBL under your plan, the SAS (Y), my proposal for a second route, can be diverted to Northern Blvd (for a future second phase) with the and trains. This (Y) line would run express to Bayside* and terminate at Hanover Square for the time being. Also, trains, after B'way Junction, should instead run to Jamaica Ave** and meet up with the elevated at Cypress Hills in a 3-track elevated line, to avoid that god-awful curve. This allows for express service on the Jamaica Line the entire way there, and peak express trains may have the capacity to use this middle track***. The should instead run to 3rd Avenue, up to at least Fordham Road for phase 1, and the RBB should be included as part of phase 1. Also, aren't the and just the same thing? If so it should just be called the . *Exact location up for debate **Intermediate stops will be added, and I am currently trying to figure out where they should be. *** You already have this in your map but peak express service is still something possible.
  10. FIrst post in a while. I think the would be a good fit for Northern Blvd and SAS can come later. If phase 3 is built with at least provisions for express tracks we can have a fully fledged Northern Blvd trunk line.
  11. New South Ferry was most likely not an effort to recover from 9/11, it was built because the SF Loop only fit 5 cars and was very rushed-seeming in nature.
  12. I was wondering if it'd be feasible to connect SAS to Myrtle Ave south and north running on the tracks north of Broadway. This connects North and South Brooklyn, provides new service, and totally eliminates the / merge.
  13. Either way if you think about it LRT's not relevant to the expansion of our normal subway system.

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