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  1. Shouldn't this go in the other section? Regardless, I would like an R68 Atlantic Ave 96th Street I really just chose a random combination
  2. It's not about making them long, it's about making them reliable.
  3. It's been there for years, why haven't they changed it?
  4. So odd to see.. Never really experienced R46's on the or before.
  5. I remember this being brought up a lot, the MTA's end goal is uniformity in line fleets (which cannot be achieved until the full delivery of the R211s) so the best possible lineup once R211s are fully here would be -R211: maybe some others -R179: and some others -R160: CI Yard trains such as (and others) -R68:
  6. This happened yesterday. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but from what I saw, my train stopped at 135th in the exact manner it would normally - and the doors didn't open. It stopped, then started moving again. I think this one was the operator's fault, seems they forgot to open the doors, especially considering it was normal at every other stop. Might also be something relating to the R32s in general.
  7. @LaGuardia Link N Tra Your plan is nice, but I would recommend extending the to a 72nd Street LL even though you said you weren't too keen on it. Because there is no connection the Broadway Line at the north end of the an extension would make all the difference. You could also 4-track Northern and run the there from 72/79th Street. Also you should keep the designation. The basically has no elements of it present here, and the " is older" argument doesn't work as well as it did with the . Additionally, the could use some intermediate stations between Astoria and LaGuardia.
  8. @LaGuardia Link N Tra You should extend the H to the RBB, although the RBB isn't the most feasible place to build a subway line.
  9. Not sure if this counts as a bump, but I was made a train fan by either Thomas the Tank Engine (11/10 would watch again) or just looking at a train and deciding "Hey this is fascinating!"
  10. 100% - If you want to do a shuttle to the Rockaways then one or both of the locals needs to go somewhere else like 73rd avenue or 179th Street.
  11. This is the speech equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.
  12. Here's something interesting for y'all https://pedestrianobservations.com/2018/11/29/new-york-city-subway-expansion-proposal/
  13. Interesting idea having both and run down the line. Should only be one (the ) though. If they go along with the MX plan would be the best name for it.
  14. I have a simpler approach to the Jamaica situation- I'll have the el stay, but (as i previously stated) the section between Bway Junction and Crescent Street would be replaced with a three track el/subway along Jamaica Ave rather than Fulton Street. (P) replace service in Brooklyn by swapping the and in Brooklyn and moving to Williamsburg so that you can have a (P) <P> pair running on Brighton Line and the to Bay Ridge-101 St. The can run to Myrtle Ave and the will terminate at Broadway Junction at which point the , rerouted to Fulton Street, will have a transfer, and the will join the new subway and el to Merrick Blvd. This isn't exactly adding capacity-those plans are long term and I'll come up with some later.
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