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  1. Newest update. Hiring freeze for track after the May 21st class. Also the general pick may be “early” June. From the sounds of it the 3600 exam will expire December 2018 and they will not hire again for “awhile.”
  2. I heard trough the “grape vine” that this is the case.
  3. It will not work in the fare box on the express bus. However if YOU choose to show it the bus operator that’s on YOU.
  4. Word on the street is the May 21st class is the last one for this list. Sorry kids.
  5. If anyone has any questions about the process I’ll answer it the best I can. They were printing out hundreds of preemployment letters. Not sure for what test but still a promising sign about the hiring freeze rumors.
  6. Hey guys. Got sworn in yesterday for the 23rd class. First two days at union hall and then the third is at ps248. Was at 180 Livingston from 7am to about 2pm. Smooth but disorganized process overall.
  7. I just got another pre employment in the mail for Monday the 10th. But I’m going for final processing on the 11th? Doesn’t make any sense? Anyone else experience this? That would tuesday the 10th. I don’t think I can edit my own posts.
  8. Just got the email. April 11th final processing for the April 23rd class. List number is 31xx.
  9. Did my drug test in 3/2. Was in by 730 out by 1pm. They said 3-90 days. List number is 31xx. I’m curious to know as well what list range @MustangGuy is as well.
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