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  1. That’s if you can get the cops to reach them in time before they run.
  2. Pretty much the same. Maybe phase 2 or 3 of second avenue would be complete.
  3. This is exactly why a 5 to Utica Avenue will never work. Franklin Avenue will never be able to handle the number of passengers on the platforms. People keep talking about Rogers Junction, yet they know nothing about that area. Flatbush terminal is the bigger problem.
  4. It seems unlikely that the MTA will consider any extension project until the Second Avenue line is complete. That is their main focus.
  5. I am not against $3 subway rides IF I see visible improvements.
  6. I’m a bit confused here. Do train operators make money based on the number of trips they made or is it based on number of hours they are on duty?
  7. What’s so special about panhandling on the ferry?
  8. It’s because I didn’t look like I was from that area. Rush hours it’s fine but I was along that line around 10pm oof!
  9. Thanks 😂 I fell asleep on 3 train once and I was permanently scared. Never sleep on trains.
  10. For me it has to be the black people. I know not are black people are scary, but people from here are just different.
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